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Leaving L.A.

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About Leaving L.A.

Leaving L.A. premiered in the spring of 1997 and starred Christopher Meloni as Reed Sims and Melina Kanakaredes as Libby Galante. It was a "drama-with-comedy" set in the busy Los Angeles County Coroner's office. It attempted to show both the trials and triumphs of people left to deal with death, and along with it the best and worst aspects of human nature. As the New York Times put it, "It's ''Quincy'' (the old show with Jack Klugman as a medical examiner) meets ''E.R.'' (a racing pace, hand-held cameras, multiple stories that flow smoothly). That turns out to be a surprisingly good combination." It was cancelled after six episodes.

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"Give Them Names"

"The Eyes of the City"

"The Black Widower"


"Dead Elvis"