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Dead Elvis
Episode Number: 6
First Aired: Saturday June 14, 1997
Writer: Rick Kellard, Harris Goldberg
Director: Martha Mitchell


Reed: Quarantine, no quarantine, you kissed me. You can’t just grab a guy and stick your tongue down his throat.

Libby: I did not stick my tongue down your throat.

Reed: Trust me, it wanted to go there. You know what that kiss said to me? It said, ‘hey, I’m tired of this we’re-just-friends-crap-and-we-work-together routine, why don’t we take this to the next level?’

Libby: All that from one kiss.

Reed: Amazing communication skills.

Libby: Define the next level.

Reed: Going away for a weekend, someplace where the doors open onto a beech

Libby: That’s the next level if the doctor gives you three months to live. I mean, why don’t we just start out with a date?

Reed: Great idea. Have you ever seen LA at night from the Goodyear blimp? The lights are incredible. Okay, Vegas, you leave at six you’re back by midnight. Or we could just go dancing, how about dancing, we could dance from downtown to the Santa Monica Pier, what do you say?

Libby: Reed--Reed. Dinner. A movie. If that’s not enough adrenalin for you I could find a theatre that serves frapacino.

Reed: That was my next choice. You see how alike we are?



Reed: [on the phone] Eight dead Elvis. Elvises? Maybe it’s Elvi, I don’t know, but we got ID on all of them. We’ll be doing the notification so...All right, we’ll talk. Hey, you catch the license plate?

Libby: No, what you got? Viva LVS?

Reed: Registered to a Max Stalmaster, and it’s not any of these guys. What do you think, Elvis convention?

Libby: I’ve got someone over here. I believe this one was a front seat passenger. The fragment pattern on the forehead looks like he went right through the windshield. This is our driver, does this looks like an imprint of the steering wheel?

Reed: Yeah. Also looks like this van rolled over a good three, four times. You’re late. Drop and give me twenty.

Dudley: No jokes today, okay Reed?

Reed: What, are you kidding me? You okay?

Dudley: I didn’t get much sleep last night.

Reed: How’s your father doing?

Dudley: He’s in a lot of pain. I didn’t think the cancer could get much worse.

Libby: Hey, Dudley, I’m going to need you to get a lot of relationship shots, vehicles to bodies, bodies to bodies, and a lot of coverage inside the van. We need to match injuries to point of impact. Did you look at the tires?

Reed: No.

Libby: Completely bald.

Reed: I want to get a better look at this mess.

[Top of the hill]

Reed: This is where they left the road

Libby: There’s no skid marks.

Reed: The driver could have fallen asleep at the wheel. Could be drug alcohol intoxication. You don’t think this is part of some cult, do you? They went over the cliff to join the king?

Libby: Why not? These are the days of dancing (something), Hale Bop, and live riots. Why not an Elvis cult?

Reed: So the great Elvis mystery begins.

Libby: This feels a little heavier than a mystery. Something’s not right here.


Chan: Aldo’s? We got there for everything, Christmas parties, birthdays, retirement, isn’t there someplace else?

Martha: It’s perfect, it’s where we celebrate all our milestones.

Tiffany: And Amy’s baby shower is definitely a milestone. So, 2 o’clock on Saturday?

Martha: 2 o’clock Saturday, but we better tell everyone 1:30 for the surprise.

Chan: Can we please keep it a surprise? That means you, Tiffany.

Martha: Heads up, everybody, act casual.

Amy: In case anyone wants to know, I’d rather a nice stroller than a bunch of little gifts.

Tiffany: I didn’t say anything. I promise.

Bernstein: Did you make all of the notifications?

Libby: Seven of the eight, one woman was out of town. You should have seen the homes. I have never seen so many velvet Elvi in my life.

Manny: Meet any Persilas?

Reed: No, but one wife was a dead ringer for colonel Parker.

Chan: Should we ask?

Libby: They were on their way to an Elvis competition in Barstow.

Bernstein: Ladies, I got wind of your plans, I have the perfect idea for Amy’s shower. My office, English high tea.

Reed: What shower?

Manny: When?

Chan: This is no place for a baby shower.

Reed: Your giving Amy a shower? This is good, great idea, I defy anybody to duplicate what I’m getting her. I’ve been waiting for this for seven months.

Bernstein: What? What?

Reed: Wait--wait a minute. What, the guys aren’t invited?

Manny: That is not fair.

Bernstein: That is pure sexism.

Libby: We’re the ones who have the babies, we experience the pain. You experience cigars.

Reed: I think I know a little bit about pain. I was shot, remember?

Martha: Not the same. A good analogy would be to try to pass an eight pound bowling pall through your penis. Is that about right?

Libby: About.


Reed: Hey.

Dudley: Hey.

Reed: You seen Amy?

Dudley: She might be upstairs.

Reed: How you holding up?

Dudley: Getting through it.

Reed: You want to play some ball after work? I’ve been working on this spinning slamma jamma move I want to put in your face.

Dudley: In your dreams, maybe. Hey. Your dad’s dead, right?

Reed: Both parents.

Dudley: You know, my father gave me my first photograph when I was five. Were you close?

Reed: Yes and no. My dad and I fought all the time.

Dudley: I’ve never disobeyed my father in my life.

Reed: Never?

Dudley: I don’t think so. I don’t think he’s ever told me no. He’d lay out the facts, talk about the consequences, and then just tell me to decide.

Reed: That’s good.

Dudley: It’s tough to see him this way.

Reed: Anything I can do?

Dudley. No. Nothing anyone can do. The pains so bad, he’s ready to go. He wants to die.


Libby: [on the phone] Enough with the Elvis jokes. You know, if these guys had to make notifications they wouldn’t be laughing. I have info on Max Stalmaster.

Reed: Who?

Libby: Max Stalmaster, the guy who owned the van.

Reed: Right, right.

Libby: Some sleaze bag Hollywood promoter. He has a sheet for forgery and tax evasion.

Reed: Not going to help us here.

Libby: But he’s the one who put them on the road to Barstow.

Reed: Doesn’t that sound like a country western song to you? ‘On the road to Barstow, with a song in their hearts in search of their....dreams.’

Libby: Driving in a piece of crap van which he knew was unsafe. I think the families have a chance for a civil suit here.

Reed: I’ve been kicking around what you said this morning. About going out on a date, taking it slow, and it’s probably the best way.

Libby: I think so.

Reed: So we have our first date tonight. Dinner.

Libby: Tonight.

Reed: Say yes. Don’t think about it. Don’t overanalyze. Just say--

Libby: Yes.

[Outside, Restaurant]

Libby: Sorry I’m late. I took the 405, I don’t know what I was thinking. And the girls were running around outside, I got my shoes full of mud--Hi.

Reed: Hi.

Libby: So I guess we’re doing this.

Reed: Are you ready to do this?

Libby: I think so.

Reed: You ready for a drink?

Libby: Oh, yeah. How about a martini?

Reed: How about a double?

Libby: Sounds good.

[Fade, some time has passed.]

Reed: In high school I serenaded Mary Renhower while she listened from the second story of her parents house.

Libby: Did she think you were romantic or a geek?

Reed: I never found out. Her father ran out of the house, threatened my life and lives of my entire gene pool, so I got the Hell out of there.

Libby: I guess he didn’t like your voice.

Reed: Excuse me.

Strolling Minstrel: Yes sir?

Reed: Can I barrow that for one second please?

Libby: You’re not going to do that.

Reed: Picture yourself, second story balcony, sixteen. With a father who happens to like me.
‘There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief’
How am I doing?
‘There’s too much confusion--’[His cell phone goes off] Hold that. Thank you. Sims. What? Dudley, relax, what hap--Did you call the police?

[Dudley’s House]

Reed: Find Dudley. Mrs. Adams.

Mrs. Adams: Oh Reed, he killed himself.

Reed: I’m going to take care of everything now, okay? Okay?

Mrs. Adams: See to Dudley. He won’t listen. He won’t come out of the bedroom.

Reed: I’ll get him. I’ll get him, alright?

Libby: Dudley--

Dudley: I tried to roll him over. I heard the--

Libby: It’s okay, it’s okay. Reed

Reed: Hey, alright, come here. It’s alright buddy, come with me.

Bobby: 22 caliber Smith and Wesson, four inch barrel. What are you doing here? He call you? Bad move.

Libby: He obviously called you first.

Bobby: Neighbors called it in. You look nice. Oh, John Cole, Southside division, Libby Galante, she’s with the Coroner’s Office. She’s with Adams.

Cole: So you know the story here. Dad’s sick, been thinking about offing himself for a while.

Libby: Yeah, I know the story. Where was Dudley?

Cole: Here. His mom was playing cards. We’re checking it out now.

Reed: Big crowd for a suicide.

Libby: Wait a minute. Checking it out now? Why?

Cole: We’ve got questions.

Libby: There’s burn marks around the bullet entry. The soot is consistent with a contact gunshot wound.

Reed: We also got a head wound.

Bobby: Two cartridges, two shots. How’d he manage to shoot himself twice?


[Dudley's House, Outside]

Dudley: Greg, take care of him, okay? Don't leave him in the hallway. I don't want him in the hallway!

Reed: They're not going to put him there.

Dudley: I could go with--

Reed: Listen to me, listen to me, You've got to stay here with your mom, alright? There are a lot things you've got to take care of.

Libby: The dad tested positive for gunshot residue, he fired the gun.

Bobby: It doesn't feel clean, Libby. Admit it. Two shots?

Libby: Did you test Dudley for GSR?

Bobby: Yeah, negative.

Libby: So he's okay.

Bobby: He could have touched anything in there. He could have even washed his hands. How well do you know him?

Libby: Well enough that I don't think he would shoot his father. What the hell is the press doing here?

Bobby: An employee of the Coroner's Office involved? Should make the eleven o'clock news. Trump things up a bit. Hey, good thing you're dressed up. You're going to be on TV.

Cole: We'd like you to come down to the office, answer a few questions. We need to talk to your mother eventually too.

Dudley: Yeah. Okay.

Reed: You want me to go down there with you?

Dudley: No. Mom and Susan--

Reed: Libby will walk them through it.

Dudley: Okay. Why does he want to talk to me?

Reed: Routine. You just tell him what happened.

[Interrogation Room]

Dudley: I walked in. He was slumped over. He was dead.

Cole: I got that part. I want to know what happened next.

Dudley: Look, I'm not sure about anything that happened in the room, okay.

Cole: Okay. So let's talk about the gun. It's registered to you.

Dudley: I got it for my parents. Their neighborhood's gotten pretty rough.

Cole: Not much protection in twenty-two.

Dudley: It was the easiest gun for them to handle.

Cole: So you were outside when you heard the shots.

Dudley: I heard one shot, and I ran into the house. I think I was still outside, front door maybe, the gun went off again.

Cole: So what you're telling me was that a man that could barley lift his head shot himself twice.

Dudley: Yes.

Cole: See, I got another scenario. You're outside, you were inside, you were where you were. You heard the shots. You ran inside to your dad's bedroom and you saw that he tried to kill himself. But he screwed up, and he's in pain and you want to take away that pain. Maybe he's even asked you to take away the pain. So you grab the gun and you do what you've got to do.

Dudley: No, that's not what happened.

Cole: No one would blame you if you did, Dudley. Any lawyer could get you off. Dudley, You've got to help me help you. You've got to give it up tonight, Dudley. Come on. You shot your dad.

[Dudley leaves the interrogation room]


Tiffany: The first day I worked here, your son took me out to lunch. He gave me all the inside scoop. You did a good job with Dudley. You should be very proud.

Manny: Hey, Tiffany.

Tiffany: Hey, how's Dudley?

Manny: He and Susan are at his folks'. He sounded okay. I mean, he didn't sound okay, really, he just talked like he was okay. But I know him. He's pretty torn up. He didn't want him left in the hallway, I'll do his prep and take care for him. Is that okay?

Tiffany: Yeah, that's okay.

[Family Room]

Mrs. Elvis: We'd been separated a few weeks. This life wasn't getting us anywhere.

Libby: Did your husband enter a lot of these competitions?

Mrs. Elvis: Just the western regions. He never won. But he was really, really good. Always the best costumed. I made his clothes. Sewed every stitch of this.

Libby: I need you to look at a picture.

Mrs. Elvis: Okay.

Libby: Is that your husband?

Mrs. Elvis: You'll always be my king, sweetie.


Chan: I think we should cancel the shower. I know I'm not in a very celebratory mood.

Tiffany: When's the funeral?

Martha: Probably this weekend. Has anybody talked to Dudley? How's he doing?

Tiffany: Manny's with him now. I feel so bad for Dudley, but Amy really needs this right now, too. Her and Jason aren't speaking.

Chan: The sperm donor?

Tiffany: She keeps saying that he'll come through, that he'll be there when the baby's born.

Martha: Jason's not going to show. She is going to give birth to that baby all by herself, the same way she's going to have to raise him.

Tiffany: Him. You said him.

Martha: Figure of speech.

Chan: What are we doing, ladies?

Tiffany: I think a baby shower is the best thing.

Martha: I agree with Tiffany. Life goes on.


Reed: [on the phone] He doesn't know anything about guns. Look, the only shooting this guy is interested in is the kind you do with a camera. I'm trying to help you guys out. I know. Yeah.

Libby: [on the phone] Then why were they still driving the van? No, I've got seven violations on the muffler alone. That thing could probably be heard in outer space. Yeah. Yes, near Sunset and Western, that's great. Yeah, thanks. Dudley's photos from yesterday didn't help much. He missed the tires completely. (something)

Reed: They're pushing this. Why, I don't know. I've known him four years, the guy couldn't hurt anybody.

Libby: Then he should be okay. Look, I've got an address on the Elvis promoter.

[Elvis Promoter's Office]

Hillary look a like: Bill, let's do the Whitewater.

Bill look a like: Do you think we'll embarrass Chelsea at Stamford? Let's do it, you fox.

Stalmaster: Terrific. We can definitely make some money together. Okay, follow Carla, she’ll show you the contracts.

Bill: Thank you.

Libby: Max Stalmaster?

Stalmaster: Entertainment promoter, celebrity look a likes for any occasion. Okay, help me out here. Sonny and Cher? Burns and Gracie?

Reed: Coroner’s Office.

Stalmaster: Whoa. Never saw that coming.

Libby: Really. Eight of your clients died yesterday.

Stalmaster: I’m aware of that. It’s tragic. But hey, this is rock and roll, you know. Remember Janis, Jimmy...Pete?

Reed: They died in your van.

Stalmaster: What van? Who said I had a van?

Reed: The DMV. You ignored several citations on the vehicle. You got a one for muffler, a couple for tires.

Stalmaster: I wasn’t aware of any citations. And besides, you’re not cops. I don’t have to talk to you. Out of my studio.

Libby: Listen, these guys might have been a big cartoon to you, but they deserved a better shake than you gave them.

Reed: Thanks a lot, we’ll be in touch.

Stalmaster: Be in touch with my lawyer.

Libby: Hey, was that a threat? What are you doing?

Reed: Why don’t we just save some of this energy for your ex?

[Police Station]

Bobby: I got good ridge structure from the fly of the gun. I can ID the print when I feel like it.

Reed: Yeah, when’s that?

Bobby: When I get to it. You, Cole, and everybody else thinks I can just whip these things out.

Reed: Cole? Cole’s looking to jam this, he’s looking for assisted suicide. He wants a homicide. He wants his merit badge is what he wants.

Bobby: Hey, whatever you say, okay? You guys make the call. You say it’s a suicide, that’s what goes on the death certificate.

Reed: We’re just trying to find out what happened and all we’re getting is a bunch of--

Bobby: And all I’m getting is attitude. I know he’s your friend but back off.

Libby: If it was anyone else, same evidence, we’d be asking the same questions.

Reed: Let’s just get the prints, okay?

Libby: Fine.

Reed: You don’t get it, do you? They’re trying to say that Dudley picked up a gun and Menendezed his own father.

Libby: They’re saying that they want answers. Come on, Reed. Mr. Adams was an invalid. How did he get the gun.

Reed: I don’t know. All I know is that Dudley did not use that gun and the prints are going to prove it.

Libby: Okay. Then why are you worried about questions?

Reed: I’m not. I’m worried about trust.

Libby: That’s what builds trust.

Reed: You’ve got to earn it? You can’t just believe in someone, you can’t believe in something. That’s a sad way to live, Libby.


[Autopsy Room]

Reed: Hey, doc. You’ve got to respect these Elvis impersonators. They’re risk takers. You know, they’ve got no union, no health, no dental. Basically they’ve got no future. I bet you never thought of it that way, huh?

Chan: That’s definitely a new one.

Reed: Yup, you can be young Elvis, Army Elvis, rhinestone Elvis, leather Elvis, you can even be fat Elvis. After that, forget about it. You just fade away. You’re just a shoe salesman with big hair or a janitor who’s lip won’t uncurl.

Chan: We have abrasions and superficial cuts of the forehead, multiple contusions, broken extremities, and a fatal thoracic injury. Cause of death is a laceration to the pericardial sac caused by impact with the steering wheel.

Reed: What about the other ones?

Chan: We’ve gotten to five of the eight. Two of which died from injuries sustained in the crash and the other three, cause of death unknown.

Reed: Hair dye? I’ll get Amy started on that blood work.

Libby: Bernstein wants to see us in his office.

[Bernstein’s Office]

Bernstein: So now that the press has a hold of it the DA has no choice but to order a full investigation.

Reed: Into what?

Bernstein: Into us. Into Dudley. Into our relationship with Dudley. They have every legitimate reason to proceed with an investigation. Look at the evidence. Two gun shots. He called you before he called the police. He disturbed the scene.

Reed: He was in shock.

Bernstein: And I know that! I told Cole he was going to have our total cooperation. Is that going to be a problem?


Tiffany: One of the Elvis widows called, she was really upset. She said she got the wrong pair of sunglasses.

Libby: Thank you. You’re going to have to talk to me sometime.

Reed: Okay.

Libby: We’re very different people.

Reed: Very.

Libby: So what? That could be good.

Reed: It could be great. I’m sorry.

Libby: I’m sorry.

Reed: I didn’t sleep five minutes last night.

Libby: I was going to call you. Bobby and I used to fight, I don’t want to fight with you.

Reed: I want to do anything, everything with you. I want to fight and make up, laugh, walk, talk. Kiss.

Libby: Work.

Reed: Work.

Libby: Dudley.

Reed: Dudley. You’re right.

[Adam’s House]

Dudley: We have to pick out a suit. And shoes. What do you want him to wear? You don’t want to eat anything?

Mrs. Adams: No, baby.

Dudley: Music. What kind of music do you think Dad would have liked?

Mrs. Adams: Show tunes. But he’s not getting it. Sit down. Every day before he really got sick your father would sit right out there in the sun. It had to be in the sun.

Dudley: He loved it didn’t he?

Mrs. Adams: He’d read to me. From anything. A book, magazine, newspaper. Even those cancer pamphlets he’d pick up from the hospital. Said it would keep his brain sharp.

Dudley: He always had to have something. A fact, opinion, some weird question.

Mrs. Adams: Yeah.

Dudley: He’d throw, like, a question in your mind, and then he’d get that grin and walk away. He taught all us kids how to think.

Mrs. Adams: He won’t be sitting out there no more. He won’t be reading to me ever again. Never again.

Dudley: It’s okay, mom. It’s okay. This is what he wanted. He’s not going to hurt anymore.

[Family Room]

Tiffany: I knew his father was sick. We all knew. Dudley’s an artist. I think he took that pain and channeled it through his photography.

Cole: Did he ever talk to you about Euthanasia?

Tiffany: That’s just a fancy word for suicide. No. He knows how I feel about that.

Cole: And that is?

Tiffany: You got when it’s your time. Never before.

[Interrogation Room]

Martha: He was very proud of his father. He didn’t talk about him all the time, but whenever he did you knew it was a loving relationship.

Cole: Did you ever talk to him about guns?

Martha: We talked about Vivaldi and Chopin. And the Might Ducks.

[Family Room]

Manny: Dudley is the best friend I could ever have. He’s the most honest person I’ve ever known, he never lies, he never says anything bad about anybody else, he--he’s always on time, and I’ve never seen him lose his temper and everyone else has lost their temper with me at some point. That’s it?

[Bernstein’s Office]

Cole: So you’d say Adams was a stable guy?

Bernstein: I’ve never had cause to think anything else about Dudley.

Cole: You wouldn’t say he was emotional.

Bernstein: Dudley Adams is a very grounded individual. He’s also a very highly respected employee of this office. Excuse me. Yeah. Very well, thank you. Doctor Chan is waiting for you.


Cole: I’m still bothered by that phone call. You weren’t on duty right? He called you.

Reed: Right. Next question. Ask me anything you want.

Cole: He didn’t call 911, he didn’t call his wife. Why you?

Reed: We’re friends. It’s not going to interfere with us working case though.

Cole: You’re looking into the cause of death. I’m investigating the case.

Libby: Are you guys serious about this?

Cole: It may not be murder one but it’s still murder.

Reed: You’re going to charge him with something.

Cole: Let’s wait and see what the autopsy says.

Reed: I told you they were looking to jam Dudley for something.

[Adams’s House. Dudley cleans blood out of the carpet]

[Autopsy Room. They start.]

[Dudley holds his wife’s hand. She shows him a flyer his father kept from one of Dudley‘s exhibits.]

[Autopsy Room]

Chan: The first bullet wasn’t fatal. It nicked his aorta. Caused him tremendous pain.

Cole: That’s consistent with our scenario.

Chan: He would have eventually bled out. Cause of death was the head wound.

Reed: Manner of death?

Chan: I don’t know. Bullet trajectory is at a 90 degree angle.

Reed: If Dudley had shot him there’d be a downward trajectory.

Cole: Mind if we check out the second shot?

Chan: There are no external powder burns around the head wound.

Cole: Correct me if I’m wrong, but if he shot himself there’d be a contact wound. There’d be residue.

Chan: The residue could be inside. What I’m going to do is excise the would and send it to the lab for analysis.

[Adam’s House]

Susan: Dudley and I want you to come and stay at our house. Please, just think about it.

Mrs. Adams: Okay, I will. Dudley, where is your father? Is he at the funeral home yet?

Dudley: No. He’s still down at the office.

Mrs. Adams: I think I’m ready to see him now. Can I see him tomorrow.

Dudley: I don’t know.

Mrs. Adams: Why? What’s taking so long?

Dudley: They’ve got to weigh him, photograph him, do an autopsy. Dad’s not the only body down there. What? You think they give special treatment to county employees? No, if anything it makes them look harder. I’ve got to go down there.

Susan: Dudley, wait.


Chan: Dudley’s father’s hair evidence. Please get them to Amy for GSR testing.

Reed: So if this comes back positive, Dudley’s cleared?

Cole: We’ve got enough for assisted suicide, and pending the rest of the evidence it could go to murder one.

Libby: Oh please, Cole, you know you’re never going to be able to prove that.

Cole: The DA’s problem.

Dudley: Where’s my father?

Amy: I don’t know.

Dudley: Where’s my father? Where’s my father?

Reed: Hold on--

Dudley: What’s taking so long? Where’d you--Dad? Dad! Dad! Dad! [To Chan] Do you have him?

Manny: No, no, no, don’t do this, don’t. Okay? Don’t.

Bernstein: Dudley. We’re going to see you through this.

Cole: Dudley Adams, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.


[Bernstein’s Office]

Chan: On most guns we have blowback. With the powder load on a twenty-two it’s minimal.

Bernstein: Doctor Chan, what’s your take on this?

Chan: From a pathologist’s standpoint there’s no conclusive evidence at this time. Amy’s running GSR on the hair and the bullet wound. That should tell us something.

Bernstein: Yeah. Did Dudley ever discuss Euthanasia with you.

Chan: Yes. He believes in it.

Bernstein: What about you?

Chan: Life is a miracle. We may all have different ideas about where it comes from, but it’s not ours to interrupt. Surprised?

Bernstein: No. No, not at all.

Chan: Did he ever talk to you about it?

Bernstein: Yeah, once. Once he did when his father was having a particularly bad time of it.

Chan: I guess everything changes when it’s someone you love.

Bernstein: Well, I want to cal the district attorney to see if he can help.


Libby: You never answered my question. How did Mr. Adams get the gun in his hands that night.

Reed: You ever heard of adrenalin? The human body wants something bad enough the spirit’s going to find a way to get it.

Bernstein: I want you to know I went to this with the board of supervisors, we’re getting Dudley counsel.

Reed: What kind of time is he looking at?

Bernstein: Three years. But it’s only until the arraignment. It’s strictly for public show.

Reed: At Dudley’s expense.

Bernstein: Well, let’s make it as hard on them as we can.

Libby: Right.

Reed: I’m going to pick up Susan and get Dudley home.

Bernstein: Alright, get out of here.

[Adam’s House]

Reed: You’ve got to tell me what happened Dudley. You know whatever you say to me stays with me. Right? You came in, you saw your Dad. What’d you do first?

Dudley: I went to see if he was still breathing. That’s when I saw the chest wound.

Reed: Then what?

Dudley: I don’t remember the order. I think I covered him up. The gun was on the floor right there.

Reed: They kept the gun in the room?

Dudley: Yeah. A metal box in the closet.

Reed: It’s unlocked. Where’s the key? Dudley?

Dudley: They key--I don’t know.

Reed: The day your dad died, that morning, you were in the lab. What were you doing there?

Dudley: Putting back morphine. I wanted to help him. I couldn’t do it then either.


Amy: Ready for this? Every Elvis had carbon monoxide in his blood.

Libby: What level?

Amy: Enough to kill them.

Libby: Oh, thank you Amy.

Amy: Don’t thank me yet. Tests on the bullet wound from Dudley’s father were inconclusive. And the GSR on the hair...

Libby: What’d you find?

Amy: Nothing. Because we never received the hair.

Libby: What? Who had it last?


Libby: Tiffany.

Tiffany: I got Amy’s shower gift, do you want to see it?

Libby: No. Where’s Dudley’s father’s hair?

Tiffany: What?

Libby: The hair that Claudia shaved off of Mr. Adams. Where is it?

Tiffany: I--I don’t know.

Libby: Find it.


Libby: [on the phone] Yeah, carbon monoxide. We’re faxing over autopsy reports and tox screens. I think you’re looking at at least negligence here. Whoa. Misdemeanor manslaughter. Yeah, there’s the LAPD I know and love. Yeah, great, go for it.

Reed: Great. Sounds like good news.

Libby: Yeah. We got a little bad news too. I think we’ll be okay.

Reed: You think?

Libby: I’ll tell you on the way. Let’s just hope we’re hitting Bobby after lunch when he’ll be in a good mood.

[Police Station]

Bobby: I had a bad lunch. I’m not in a good mood. So let’s don’t take all day.

Libby: Think of it as a service to mankind.

Bobby: Can’t get much better than that. Got a partial print underneath too. The computer’s separating the prints. Now let’s check it against Dudley’s and against the two on the gun. Got a match.

Reed: What about the other print?

Bobby: You know, I hear through the dead vine that you two are working well together.

Libby: We get the job done.

Bobby: Matches Dad’s.

Reed: That’s what he said. Father fired the gun, Dudley picked it up off the floor.

Bobby: Or Dudley picked up the gun to fire it.

[Autopsy Room]

Manny: We’ll find the hair.

Tiffany: What if we don’t?

Manny: Evidence at 12 o’clock!

Tiffany: Thank you God.


Amy: It’s positive for gunshot residue.

Bernstein: Yes it is! Is that enough for a ruling Doctor Chan.

Chan: Based on medical evidence, yes it is. I have no problem ruling this a suicide.

Dudley: That’s what I’ve been saying all along.

Reed: Hey.

Dudley: Thanks for calling.

Susan: We owe you so much.

Dudley: Thanks for sticking by me, alright? I’ll never forget it.

Reed: Hey, come here.

Dudley: What?


Reed: I’ve got a question I want to ask you now. You ever find the key to that box?


News: One of the widows, Mrs. Lewis, is organizing the women in bringing a civil suit against Max Stalmaster, a promoter who she claims is negligent and responsible for the deaths of the eight men. Mrs. Lewis says she will not waver....

Libby: He’s finally on TV like his hero, he’s doing better dead than alive.

Reed: Anyone ever tell you you’re sex when you’re sarcastic?

Libby: Just you.

[Aldo’s, Outside.]

Manny: It was really a touching ceremony. I’ve never been to a funeral before.

Amy: Are you trying to tell me something, Martha?

Martha: I think you missed something.

Amy: Oh, God. I’m having twins?

Martha: A little psychic joke.

Reed: I don’t know about you, but all this excitement has got me thinking about that weekend we were leaning towards. What do you think?

Libby: You’re an investigator. What are the facts?

Reed: Fact number one: You’re a great kisser.

Libby: Sweet talk ain’t gonna get you through this one. I’m not like anyone you’ve ever met.

Reed: Fact two. Fact number three: I refuse to be scared off. And fact four: Hmm.

[He looks up. There’s a plane writing ‘I heart’ in the sky.]

Libby: Fact four: You’re an incredible romantic.

Reed: Yeah.

Libby: Did you really do this for me or is that going to say ‘Lisa?’

[The plane finishes, and it says Libby. She kisses Reed.]

Amy: Oh, guys, look at this. It’s from Dudley. I don’t even remember him taking it. [It’s a picture of Amy]

Libby: It’s beautiful.


Mrs. Adams: You just gave him the gun. He made the choice, son.

Dudley: So long, Pop. I love you.