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Give Them Names
Episode Number: 2
First Aired: Saturday April 19, 1997
Writer: Nancy Miller Director: Oz Scott


Reed: I love it up here. Nothing but nature, you know? Fresh air, clean water. Doesn't it make you want to...I don't know, go skinny dipping or something?

Libby: [Sighs]

Reed: Or go fishing. Or skip rocks. We could skip rocks. But you know, if you really want to go swimming, I mean, you know, we could always wear our clothes.

[Libby let's a branch go and it hits him in the face]

Reed: What?

Libby: You know, I got the same invitation in third grade from Tully, a really cute kid, lived three doors down from me. When I said yes he turned bright red and ran away.

Reed: What do you expect, third grade. So you and Tully never skinny dipped?

Libby: Did I say that?

Reed: Did you?

Libby: Are you jealous of a third grader?

Reed: Nooo.

Libby: Yeees.

Reed: But can he climb trees? Oh, look at those branches, big and strong, all the way up to the top.

Libby: Beautiful.

Reed: When's the last time you went tree climbing?

Libby: Yesterday.

Reed: Oh.

Libby: My girls, one of them thinks she's Tarzan. Do you know where we're going?

Reed:[ Looking at a map] That way.

Libby: [Turns the map]

Reed: That way. Yeah, girls. How old are they now?

Libby: Sammy's six and Kate's five.

[Reed winces as they both duck under a low branch]

Libby: Getting old?

Reed: [Grunting] Hitting my prime. Whoa, look at that.

Libby: What?

Reed: Another great tree.

[They come into a clearing. There's a Golden Retriever running around with a dozen uniformed cops trying to catch it.]

Libby: We could have driven here?

Reed: Hold that. [Reed hands Libby the map, then whistles. The dog runs over to him.]

Reed: Good boy, good boy. [Takes a human jaw bone out of the dogs mouth.] Yeah, what's your name? What's your name? You can't have that, that's our toy now. Hey, fellas, what else you got?

[Crappy Credits.]


Chan: If it wasn't for animals and mudslides half the bodies in these hills would never be found. She was probably dug up by coyotes. Can you hold this a sec?

Libby: She?

Chan: Jaw line. See how it's pointed? On males it's squared.

Libby: Can you tell how old she was?

Chan: I'll need more of her than this. Probably early teens, but find me a maxillary and I'll tell you.

Quinn: Yeah, I saw they're forecasting rain, supposed to be coming in late tonight.

Reed: Eh, with LA weathermen that means it'll sprinkle next Thursday.

Quinn: Well, you might get lucky, might hit this weekend, rain out that big game

Reed: Nah, I've been waiting all year for that game. Are you playing?

Quinn: Yeah, I'm pitching.

Reed: You're pitching? Okay, Quinn, who are you, why haven't we met? What have you been doing? Playing softball for some Olympic team and the LAPD recruited you for the game?

Quinn: Look, I've been on the force for nine years, I just never played, so I decided to try out.

Reed: Try out?

Quinn: Yeah, try out. You guys have try outs, right?

Reed: ....Yeah. Dr. Chan, is this anything? [Holds out a tooth.]

Chan: Where did you find that? Why did you pick it up!? What the hell were you thinking--

Reed: Got ya. It's mine, I lost it on a jaw breaker this morning.

Chan: Are you still playing in that idiotic softball game? What are you trying to prove, huh?

Quinn: Hey, Sims! We got more of our lady over here.

Chan: This isn't our lady. This is a child

Reed: A child?

Officer: Dr. Chan! I found something!

Officer: There's another grave over here!

[Coroner's Office]

Reed: Claudia counts three skeletons so far. She's widening the grid, she wants to dig around the clock.

Bernstein: This is grisly stuff. The media is going to love it.

Reed: Two of them may be kids.

Bernstein: Well, I'm going to have to get more anthropology students, see if we can be this rainstorm. [Note to self: Don't be an anthropology student.] Do you think it might be an old cemetery?

Reed: No sign of an caskets. We've got clothing . We found this Dick Tracy kid's watch. Press is talking everything from a mass grave to a cult suicide to a serial killer.

Bernstein: Press? The press is overacting as usual. I suggest we use caution until Dr. Chan is through examining all the evidence. All right?

Reed: Okay.

Bernstein: Oh, by the way, I'm read for Saturday. I've been fielding ground balls with my son. Am I back at shortstop?

Reed: I'm not coaching. I'm playing. Doctor gave me a clean bill of health.

Bernstein: Whoa. Wait a minute. You've been rehabilitating your back for two years. Tell me, did he also advise strenuous physical activity?

Reed: ...Life is a strenuous physical activity.

Bernstein: Yeah, right, who's the coach?

[Reed laughs.]


Bernstein: You would be totally surprised at how nimble I am. Remember that play I almost made last year? At third base?

Manny: Oh, yes, sir. That would have been great.

Martha: Manny, where do I play?

Manny: Right Field.

Martha: Oh.

Manny: What, you don't like right field?

Martha: I usually play first base.

Tiffany: You said I was playing first base.

Manny: Look, I haven't really set the starting lineup yet.

Martha: Manny, I'm a team player. I'll go where ever you want me to

Tiffany: Just remember that I can't throw.

Bernstein: Manny. I want shortstop.


Dudley: So what position do you play?

Libby: I'm not big on softball. I'm going to sit that one out. Hey, that's Captain Edwards. Something is definitely up. He's one step under the chief.

Dudley: If someone's killing kids, I'm talking Max and moving to Montana.

Libby: Max?

Dudley: My son. Max.

Libby: He's adorable. Hey, Dudley, Dudley, there's something shiny under this red backpack here. I need a shot of this.

Dudley: Got it.

Libby: [Uses a pen to lift a ring out of the dirt.]

Dudley: Whoa, free advice. Ask Dr. Chan.

Libby: She might say no.

Dudley: She will say no.

Chan: Galante! Good news. There's only a moderate amount of animal activity, so we have clothing and internal organs. We should be able to get a toxicology read.

Libby: Uh, what is it?

Chan: This? Or what's in the container?

Libby: Both.

Chan: That is an adult male, I think. This is a spleen.

Libby: What's that?

Chan: An antler. Could you get this to Amy, tell her I need her to run a complete tox screen.


Bernstein: Someone leaked the possibility of children, now the press are out of their mind with morbid curiosity. Look at this place. We've got phone calls from all over, from the public, from other agencies. Some detective from Queens called. He thinks it might be his 12 year old case. [Stabler? Was that you?]

Reed: Dick Tracy came out in '90.

Bernstein: Madonna was fantastic in that movie.

Martha: Dr. Bernstein, it's another studio wanting the rights. Can I hang up on them?

Bernstein: I am the only coroner in the nation who needs an agent. What studio is it?

Martha: Reed Sims.

Martha: Martha Hayes.

Martha: Protect your heart.

Reed: Too late. Kids break it every time. Am I ever gonna have kids one day, Martha?

Martha: Do you have a mother in mind? She feels the same way. You just need to give her a little time.

Reed: Do we get married? Have kids? Grow old together?

Martha: You'll have to ask her that yourself.

Libby: Hey, Sims. Got a present for you. A spleen and a high school ring.

Reed: My kind of gal.


Amy: It's a man's ring. The initials look like "J. S." I can't tell what high school.

Libby: Does it have a date?

Amy: I have to clean it. Why is this always dumped on us?

Libby: Claudia hasn't ruled it a homicide yet.

Amy: Oh, really. [Holds up a shirt] Stab cut. Stab cut. Stab cut. All made with the same kind of serrated tool. Does that help?

Libby: Should help a little.

Reed: And visions of the night stalker danced in her head?

Libby: He's one of the few to mix and match his prey. What do you think? [Boy, something you'd never hear Benson say, huh?]

Reed: I think we should discuss it over dinner.

Libby: It's going to be a very long night.

Reed: Breakfast?

Amy: Carver High School.

Reed: That's near Culver City. Well, there are a couple of them. It's something.

Libby: That's great.

Amy: Great? What possible scenario could cause this to be great? This ring was on a high school graduate's finger. What's it doing in a grave? Where's my spleen?


Martha: Reed?

Reed: Yeah?

Martha: There's some women upstairs from K.I.D.S.

Libby: Kids?

Martha: Keep In Desperate Search.

Reed: Been waiting for them to show up. It's these mothers who, uh, their kids disappear, they run away, kidnapped. One mother's been coming up here every Friday for almost 2 years just looking for her lost kids.

Bobby: Libby?

Libby: I'll catch up to you. What?

Bobby: I'm worried about the girls.


Mother 1: What didn't you call us? Is it my babies?

Mother 2: The news said you found ten bodies.

Mother 3: How long had they been there? Henry's nine now.

Reed: Okay, hold on, I'll tell you everything that we've got. all right? The press has it wrong. We haven't found any bodies. What we have are bones, skeletons, and what we think we have so far are four, not ten.


Bobby: There is a lunatic out there slaughtering kids. Your mother is 65 years old. What if something happens? How is she going to protect them?

Libby: What a minute. When did Diane become a bodyguard? I was under the impression she was a cocktail waitress.


Mother: How did they die?

Reed: I don't know, Vicky.

Mother: Because Henry's nine now--

Mother: I don't want to know. I do. I just don't know if I can know this.

Mother: The news said someone is killing children. Are they all children?

Reed: No. Okay, look, I've always played it straight with you, haven't I? You want to help me, you bring me their dental charts and x-rays, that way we can match it to the skulls if we find them, okay?

Mother: We called a meeting tonight. Will you come talk with us? Everybody's calling.

Reed: What time?


Bobby: You are working crazy hours!

Libby: Please, you're a cop, so do you.

Bobby: Diane can stay home with them.

Libby: I met Diane once and that's when I caught her in bed with you. I am not about to hand over my girls to some...woman I don't even know.

Bobby: I am calling your mother every half hour. She better answer the phone.


Libby: He shows up on birthdays, Christmas, and disasters. That's not what makes someone a good parent. It's being there every day for them.

Reed: Jane Morgan. She and her husband had three kids, house in the valley, nasty divorce. Kids go away to school one day, they don't come home.

Libby: He took them?

Reed: She's praying he did. Vicky Kaiser, she takes her son to the mall. She turns around to buy something and (something) disappeared.

Libby: I want to go to their meeting.

Reed: I tell you, every time I see them I get a knot in the pit of my stomach it lasts for weeks.

Libby: Yeah, well. That's nothing compared to what they must go through every day.

Tiffany: Uh, you have an industrial on Hawthorn.

Libby: We're working on the Lake Hollywood case.

Bernstein: I can't take you out of the rotation.

Libby: But we--

Bernstein: Look, in the time we're standing here another person has died in LA. You don't want the industrial, that's fine. Tiffany, dear, what else do you have for her?

Tiffany: A scuba diver in Catalina caught in coral. But that means an underwater investigation, you'll have to chopper over, spend the night.

Reed: Spend the night?

[Libby grabs the industrial file and leaves]

[Chocolate Factory]

Reed: Oh, this chocolate. It smells amazing.

Libby: I think I'd weight 200 pounds if I had to work here.

Mr. B: You'd be surprised. After a while you don't smell it.

Libby: So you're the supervisor, right Mr. B (something).[I really have no idea what this guy's name is. It sounds like Blahlala...And I'm pretty sure that's wrong. He also has an accent that goes from Middle Eastern to West Hollywood lisp from one scene to the next, which is really irritating.]

Mr. B: Yes, I am. Through those doors please.

Mr. B: The body is over there.

Reed and Libby: Where?

Mr. B: Inside.

[Reed and Libby see a huge vat]

Reed: Inside there?

Mr. B: Yeah.

Libby: Is it filled with anything?

Mr. B: Yeah.

[Reed looks into the vat .]

Libby: Can you see him?

Reed: Uh yeah.

Mr. B: Is he dead?

Reed: Yeah dead. And chocolate.

[Commercials. If I had to die...Yeah, vat of chocolate is right up there on the list.]

[Chocolate Factory]

Libby: Mr. B., do you have any more employees because everyone on this list is accounted for.

Mr. B.: Those are all my workers.

Libby: This is everyone who had access to this area?

Mr. B.: Yes, Mam.

Libby: That's impossible or this man over here would have a name. I need another list of everyone who came in here this morning and what they were doing.

Mr. B.: I'll take care of it.

Libby: Any luck on the ID?

Reed: Yeah, I'm leaning towards semi-sweet.

Manny: This is totally one of my fantasy deaths. Falling into a vat of chocolate falls right behind downing at the Playboy Mansion. [Oh God, did I just agree with the almost-retarded guy about something?] I've never rolled out on a chocolate covered cadaver before. [New! From Nestle! Chocolate Covered Cadavers!]

Reed: Yeah. Everything in his pockets melted. We're going to have to figure out a way to get his finger prints.

Manny: How are we going to do that?

[Coroner's Office]

Bernstein: Freeze him?

Reed: I don't know what else to do. The guy's skin is burned underneath. We start washing him off now it's just going to slough off [Ewwww slough.]

Libby: The missing person's report will probably be filed tomorrow morning.

Reed: By then we chip him down we got our ID.

Bernstein: Well, our job is never boring, is it? And by the way, we have a double homicide in Pasadena.

Reed: No, boss, we need to go back out to Lake Hollywood and hit this thing hard before the headlines take over.

Libby: Yeah, we have a big response from the public that probably won't last long.

Manny: They're afraid of getting boned. [Eek. All the characters stare at him.]

Reed: Come on now, we need to be working with the NCIC, the FBI--

Bernstein: Alright, I'll roll Henderson and Ramirez to Pasadena.

Amy: I have a date on the ring. 5/21/95. I smell chocolate who has chocolate?

Quinn: Mind if I see the ring?


Quinn: Dr. Chan thinks there's 2 graves, the adult male and the 2 kids.

Reed: How about the female?

Quinn: Scattered all over. The rest of her is probably in Riverside by now. So this was found in the grave with the kids, huh?

Reed: Yep. Any luck?

Libby: Not really.

Quinn: You couldn't match a graduation date to a local high school?

[They are totally bitching if off right now. Quinn is flirty with Reed, Libby doesn't like it. But the actresses don't over play it, so it doesn't take over the scene.]

Libby: Carver in Las Villas, May 21 1995. There were 4 J.S.s in the class.

Reed: One of those J.S.s may be our killer.

Quinn: We have had 7 similar murders in the past 3 years. The victims are stabbed and then buried up in the Hollywood hills.

Libby: You've been working on this for 3 years?

Quinn: The MO is all over the map. We couldn't put it together until 2 months ago.

Libby: Why didn't you tell the public?

Quinn: We didn't want them to panic.

Libby: What about warning them? Were all the victims children?

Quinn: 4 children, 3 adults. Various knives, no sexual assaults, just slash and stash. Look, we're going to put together a task force and we want you guys aboard.

Reed: We'll talk to Bernstein.

Quinn: Good. I'm going to take this to our lab. So what about the clothing?

Reed: Yeah, sure, you've just got to sign out with our Criminalist.

Libby: Isn't it considered property?

Quinn: Evidence in a homicide. So what about tomorrow?

Reed: Oh, it's my bat you gotta worry about.

Quinn: Yeah, that's what I hear.

Libby: So, slugger, would you like to give her any more of our evidence?

Reed: [Grinning] Wha--?

[Bernstein's Office]

Bernstein: A task force would only compound the hysteria. Portraying it as a graveyard for serial killers, I mean, this is insanity. Here, listen.

TV Reporter: In the shadow of the Hollywood sign, a graveyard of tiny bones. LAPD and the coroner's office...

Reed: You check in with Kate and Sammy?

Libby: Yeah, we had our daily homework versus video negotiations.

Reed: And today they can play all they want?

Libby: Yeah.

Bernstein: They will have parents from coast to coast locking up their children.

Libby: We have 11 victims from the same guy, 7 of them are kids. They're all scared, they have a right to lock up their children.

Bernstein: I can't afford to lose 2 investigators to a task force. Besides the board of supervisors wants more evidence before--

Reed: What's the body count got to be before the board kicks in some dough?

Libby: This is about money?

Bernstein: Unfortunately, yes. Keeping up with the dead in this city costs a fortune.

Reed: Do you know where we're going from here? We've got to face about 50 women, each one of them terrified that we're digging up her child. What do we tell them?

Bernstein: I don't know. I do know it's raining in Santa Barbara, it's moving down the coast, and when it hits LA I am pulling the plug on this excavation. That's it. I have no choice.

[Coroner's Office]

[A crowd of women wearing KIDS shirts have crowded into the building.]

Mother: We brought the meeting to you.

Mother: Is (something) my daughter?

Martha: Don't look at me.

[The women crowd around handing Reed files, all speaking at once]

Reed: Okay, okay, ladies, just hold on one second....

[Clearing. Chan listens to the wind blow.]

[Coroner's Office]

Reed: We don't know who they are. We don't know how they died or when they died. But we are going to find out. Now, we're going to do everything that we can to give them names. I know sometimes everything we can isn't good enough, but I promise you our best and promise you the truth. Do yourselves a favor, do us a favor and don't watch TV. Call us. I'll tell you everything that's going on. Just the dental charts.

Woman: You still have your babies, don't you?

Libby: Yes.

Woman: You have no idea how much I envy you.


Chan: They've been dead eighteen months to two years according to the botanist who looked at the vegetation.

Reed: They buried at the same time?

Chan: Well, the three in one grave--

Reed: Three?

Chan: Oh, yeah, I found 3 sciatic notches in one grave which puts the female in with the children. The male's heavy clothing may have slowed the rate of decomposition, so, yes, it's possible that both graves were dug at the same time.

Libby: Excuse me.

Reed: You okay?

Libby: Can you get a ride?

Reed: Yeah, why, where you going?

Libby: Home.

Dudley: Well, looks like we got a man, woman, and 2 kids.

Chan: Looks like a family.


[Coroner's Office]

Reed: Have you seen Libby?

Chan: I can barley see you.

Reed: I heard you shut down the site at three this morning. We still have four skeletons?

Chan: I can't believe we missed those original seven victims. I did two of the posts myself.

Reed: As many bodies as we get through this place it's a miracle we ever connect up anything.

Chan: We've got to get a better system.

Reed: I'm not going to argue. Oh, I found five other stabbing victims over the computer from the past three years. May fit this MO.

Chan: Wonderful.

[Manny is taking the dead chocolate covered dude out of the freezer.]

Chan: What are you doing?

Manny: You told me to start chipping.

Chan: Inside the crypt, Manny, he'll melt.


Amy: Toxicology from the spleen showed barbiturates.

Libby: Enough to cause death?

Amy: No, nice little nap maybe. It wasn't a toxic level.

Libby: Okay. Hey Amy, can I ask you something? Does this ever get to you?

Amy: That raving lunatic yesterday was me. Yes, it gets to me all the time. But I want a child. I love my job. What am I going to do?

Libby: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, you see Reed, will you tell him I'm looking for him?

Amy: Sure.

[Coroner's Office]

Bernstein: Apparently, they found some blonde hairs entwined with the bones, pulled out from the roots so we'll be able to get DNA.

Reed: Yeah, a month from now. Did you see the press conference this morning? LAPD connected three killings in Northern California to the same guy.

Bernstein: I know. I'm putting as much pressure on the board as possible. We will find a way to work it out, Reed.

Reed: Forensic Sculptor.

Bernstein: We'll see, Reed.

Reed: Boss, come on, you know we've got to ID these kids.

Bernstein: I'll--I'll do what I can.

Martha: Are you looking for Libby?

Reed: Have you seen her?

Martha: No, but she's downstairs.


Chan: The least invasive method of defleshing is the Beatle pit. [I just threw up a little.]

Bernstein: Takes 24 hours. You can use a solution of household bleach.

Chan: That's too corrosive to the bone. These are children, Dr. Bernstein, children are very difficult to sex and race. I need time to do a complete anthropological examination.

Bernstein: Yes, I understand, and I'm asking for your preliminary thoughts.

Chan: Did you remove evidence from the crime scene, specifically a ring?

Libby: After Dudley photographed them in their original position, yes.

Reed: Good morning.

Chan: On my scene you don't remove anything without first informing me.

Libby: I wasn't aware it was your scene.

Chan: And now?

Bernstein: Now, well, we are all aware, I think, aren't we?

[Bernstein and Reed nod while Libby and Chan just stare at each other.]

Bernstein: Yes. Dr. Chan? If we could see your evidence.

Libby: I'm sorry about last night.

Reed: I'm amazed you lasted as long as you did.

[Manny walks by in a huge coat, walking like his legs are frozen.]

Manny: I..have to...get into...the sun.

[Autopsy Room]

Chan: May I? Adult male. Tool mark. It was a fatal blow. The cause of death may be completely unrelated. The marks are not on the other skulls, the children, but look closely, the arms and a few of these ribs have been cut clear through the bone. Unusual tool.

Libby: Serrated?

Chan: Possibly. Again, I'm not saying that this is cause of death, but these children have been stabbed, just like this female, excuse me, which matches this male.

Reed: Have you had time to compare these with the other seven we're looking at.

Chan: My clone did that while I was having a massage this morning.

Bernstein: Their occipital synovial structure are open on two of these skulls.

Chan: This one has braces, here's the first molar and the central incisor. Both erupt around seven years of age. This one still has baby teeth.

Reed: How young are we talking?

Chan: Preliminary estimation? One is under ten, the other may be as young as five.

Reed: Male or female?

Chan: Don't know yet. The female is fourteen to late twenties, the adult male is twenties to forty five, I'm leaning towards Caucasian. Now leave. I have work to do.


Reed: Okay, question. What if our bones are a father and three kids? The female is closer to fourteen than late twenties.

Libby: Maybe. I've got those J.S.s from, from Carver High School. We have Jerry Sully, Jim Swindon, Jamal Santiago, and John Scutopancionie [I have no idea how to spell that. It couldn't have been "Smith"? Help me out here.] I have addresses on all of them. I say we follow the ring.

Reed: Okay.

Libby: Okay? Wait a minute. What happened to the Reed Sims who gave me twenty one lectures on jurisdiction my first day on the job?

Reed: That guy takes a break every once and a while. You complaining?

Libby: What's going on?

Reed: What's going on with you? Is that the cop talking or the mother? [My audio skips here, that may not be exactly what he says.]

Libby: What, I can't be both? I can be like Quinn, turn myself off, but I'm not going to. Answer my question.

Reed: I forgot what it was?

Libby: You're on to something, aren't you?

Reed: Let's just find out .

[Car Wash. A guy shows them his ring. Do people really wear those things around?]

Reed: Thank you.

[Autopsy Room. Chan looks at x-rays.]

[Street. Another guy wearing his high school ring.]

Reed: Thanks.

[Autopsy Room. Bernstein looks at x-rays.]


Libby: So did you go to Carver High School?

Jim: [I swear to God he looks and sounds just like Eric Balfour. Added later: I checked the credits and it IS Eric Balfour. He looks really young and gross! Grosser than now, even! Moving on. ] Yeah. I went to Carver, why?

Libby: Do you still have your high school ring?

Jim: What?

Libby: Do you still have your high school ring?

Jim: Why?

Libby: Just answer the question.

Jim: No.

Reed: What happened to it?

Jim: What's the big deal about my high school ring? I gave it to my girlfriend.

Reed: What's her name?

Jim: My high school girlfriend, Sarah Morgan.

Reed: Okay. Jim, thanks a lot.

Jim: What, that's it?

Reed: Yeah, thanks.

Libby: Now are you going to tell me what's going on?

Reed: Remember that woman from KIDS, said she envied you? Jane Morgan. Daughter's Sarah.

Libby: You think this is her family?

Reed: I got a sick feeling during Claudia's show and tell. She's missing four people and we found four people.

Libby: Are you calling Quinn? Okay. We do all the work, she gets the bust.

Reed: It's her case. Homicide please.

Libby: [Looking at Jim] You think he's our guy?

Reed: I think they should take a long hard look at him. You gotta go somewhere?

Libby: Sort of.

Reed: We're zeroing in on a serial killer and you just want to take off.

Libby: Look, I made a promise this morning and I really have to keep it. I want to keep it. Can you give me a ride?

Reed: Homicide, yeah, Quinn?

[Bernstein's Office]

Bernstein: Detective Quinn thinks we have a match. Where's investigator Galante?

Reed: Uh, family emergency.

Bernstein: She alright?

Reed: Yeah, no, she's fine. Okay, suspects name is Jim Swinden, the LAPD is checking him out right now. Now are you sure there's no way we can tell if this is one family or not?

Chan: I can extract DNA from their bones but that's going to take months.

Reed: Okay, so what do we got? We got a ring that we can put with the daughter. We have braces with one son, and the other son, the youngest son, when he disappeared he had a red backpack with him.

Bernstein: And their ages are consistent with your findings Dr. Chan?

Chan: Consistent, yes, but that's are from a positive ID. I need their dental charts.

Bernstein: Alright. Is the mother aware of your suspicions?

Reed: I don't want to say anything until we are positive.

Chan: Get. Me. Their. Dental. Records.

[Coroner's Office]

Reed: They're not here.

Quinn: She didn't bring them down?

Reed: She didn't bring down any documentation. What about Swinden?

Quinn: He checks out. We'll keep on him. I don't think he's our boy. Why do I smell chocolate?

Reed: Long story. You're sure about this guy?

Quinn: He's never been in any trouble before. He spent all last year in Baha while our boy carved out two more people [How does a warehouse worker spend an entire year in Baha? What am I even doing in college?]

[Manny walks up with pimples all over his face.]

Reed: Hey, Manny--

Manny: Tell me about it.

Reed: We got the Morgan's original missing persons report probably about a year and a half ago.

Quinn: She didn't update it?

Reed: We got Ben, Brett, Sarah. Peter Morgan's the husband.

Chan: Dental charts?

Reed: Not yet.

Quinn: Just how well did you know her?

Reed: How well did I know her? What do you mean? She came down here every week looking for Kid Does. We went out to lunch every once and a while, we talked.

Quinn: Did you know she got married two months after her kids disappeared?

Reed: No.

Quinn: Uh-huh. Moved to Hancock Park.

Reed: She dyed her hair. She used to be a blonde when she lived in Van Nies. She...I went over to her house a couple of times.

Quinn: You just have to fight the women off, don't you?

Reed: She's a sculptor, she's a sculptor. She uses those crazy sculpting tools.

Quinn: Do you mind if we take advantage of your relationship? It'll give us time to look into her insurance policies.

Chan: Wait--wait a second. You think she killed her family? Killed her children? [To Reed. He looks pretty horrified. ] Do you?

[Park. Reed and Libby are watching her kids play.]

Reed: The LAPD wants us to make the first move.

Libby: I don't get it. I don't get it. How could a mother do this to her kids?

Reed: If she did do it I'm the biggest schmuck in the city.

Sammy: Mom, look, Kate throws like you!

Libby: You want to talk about it?

Reed: I can't even comprehend it. [Libby rubs his shoulder.]

[Morgan's House]

Reed: Jane. Hey.

Jane: What happened? Did you find something?

Reed: No, no, we just, um. We're comparing dental records right now, and uh, realized we don't have yours.

Jane: Why? I brought them down-- I meant to bring them down. I didn't? What is it?

Reed: Nothing. It's, you know, routine. We'll be able to get their records. Don't' worry about it.

Jane: I forgot. How could I forget? I forgot. I'm sorry. I want to help.

Reed: I know. It's okay. How are you doing?

Jane: I had another one of those dreams last night , you know, where I see the kids, but I just, I can't touch them. [She cries and hugs Reed.]

[Coroner's Office]

Reed: [On the phone] Well, she didn't have insurance on them, what's the motive? Yeah. Okay, I'll give you a call when we know. Right.

Manny: Finally got all the chocolate off. You have the missing person's report?

Reed: Yeah, there's only one guy who fits height and weight. Brown hair, six feet, [jumbled]

Manny: Looks like it. Inside the ears were hell.

Reed: You ready for this? Manny, I want you to meet Vince Costa, thirty five, from New Port Beech. Safety Inspector.

Libby: I have the dental records.

[Autopsy Room]

Chan: We've got a positive ID on the older boy, but the younger one is missing two of his lower front teeth.

Reed: He knocked them out playing soccer two days before he disappeared. He got blood all over their car and she was so worried, all that bleeding and all. The only thing he could eat was ice cream.

Chan: Positive on Dad, too.

Bernstein: It is her family.

Libby: But it doesn't prove that she killed them.

Reed: Ever heard of a cadaveric spasm?


Amy: It's a death grip. An agonal spasm brought on my extreme stress, it converts immediately into right rigor.

Reed: You see it a lot in drowning victims, the guy will be grabbing weeds. In Homicides it might be a shirt, might be hair.

Libby: Might be a blonde hair. Any kind of tests we can do other than DNA?

Amy: It's from a bottle, I know that. [Answering the phone] Crime lab. Hang on. Detective Quinn.

Reed: Haha. Reed Sims.

[Autopsy Room]

Libby: And Morgan just gave you that?

Quinn: She gave all of them to us. I told her I'd get a search warrant, she said she had nothing to hide.

Chan: See this nick here? It matches up with this impression in the bone.

Quinn: What are you saying? [Jesus, she's a fucking detective?]

Chan: I'm saying this tool made this impression.

Reed: She wants to get caught.

Quinn: Well, then, I say we accommodate her. You feel like coming to a party?

Reed: Try and stop me.

Libby: Looks like you guys still have a serial killer out there.

Quinn: Yeah. You want to trade jobs?

Libby: I'm kind of starting to like my job

[Morgan's House]

Jane: Can I talk to Reed Sims, please?

Quinn: She wants to talk to you.

Jane: Don't be mad at me.

Reed: Mad at you? You weren't coming down there to see if we'd found them. You were trying to tell me what you'd done. You gotta tell me why.

Jane: [Mumbles]

Reed: What?

Jane: I thought they'd be in the way.

Reed: In the way? In the way of what? How--how could you be a member of KIDS? How could you look at those women every day?

Jane: I thought I was doing the right thing. I didn't know. I didn't know. Honey? [An older man holding a baby walks by and gets into a car.] Honey, where are you going?

[Coroner's Office]

Libby: She murdered her children for a man.

Reed: He probably didn't want kids. So she thought. Oops.

Libby: She made me feel guilty. I let Bobby make me feel guilty. I know I'm not a perfect person, I'm not a perfect Mother. ["At least I don't cut my kids up with sculpting tools!"]

Reed: Libby. You're a great mother and your girls are very lucky.

Libby: I sure hope there's a special place in hell for women like Jane Morgan.

Martha: Are you expecting a Mrs. Costa?

Libby: Who?

Martha: Next of kin to Vince Costa. He died in an industrial accident yesterday.

Reed: What does she want?

Martha: The details.


Manny: [playing catcher] Mine! Mine!

Martha: Tiffany, heads up.

Quinn: So the guys told me all about your shooting. Said you've got a lot of lead left in your back.

Reed: Eh, Doctors took out what they could. Left me with a souvenir.

Quinn: You just love tempting fate, don't you?

Reed: Don't we do that every time we just wake up in the morning [Chris totally throws like a girl. Sigh.] Twenty bucks on the game, what do you say?

Quinn: Nah, I'd say dinner. But uh, I guess you're already taken.

Reed: Not exactly.

Quinn: But you want to be taken.

Reed: Exactly. Or dinner would be nice.

Quinn: Well, if it doesn't work out, give me a call.

Reed: [laughs] Oh, boy. Hey, you been helping your mom practice?

Kate: She broke our window.

Libby: Oh, no.

Kids: Yes she did! Yes you did!

Libby: Okay, soda, for each of you, one! Bye!

Reed: You broke a window?

Libby: They wanted to know what a (something).

Reed: So what made you decide to come out and play?

Kids: Daddy daddy! [Bobby is playing for the LAPD team]

Bobby: Hey, my girls! Hey, you want to be on the winning team, don't you? Here. [replaces one of the kid's Corner's Office hats, which are kick ass and have a little elf holding an exit sign, with stupid LAPD hats. I know they've manipulated me into it, but I really hate him. He's smarmy bastard. ]

Libby: It wouldn't be the first time I made a fool of myself.

[The game. Chris runs like a girl. Lots of yelling and hitting. Libby misses catching a ball. Quinn hits Libby with a pitch. Reed is pitching. Bobby is up to bat.]

Reed: Time! Guys, guys come on it, come on, huddle it up. This is our last batter, we get him out, we win, okay.

Bernstein: You think he's going to bunt?

Reed: No, right field. Hold on. Fielders, out, out, out! Right Field, heads up! This is it guys. We can do it.

Manny: Hey batterbatterbatterbatter--

Bobby: Shut up.

[Bobby hits the ball to right field, Libby runs back to get it. Bobby heads for home where Reed is covering the plate. Bobby plows into him.]

Dudley: Oh, Sh--

Umpire: Show me the ball, show me the ball!

[He's got the ball, Bobby is out, every cheers. I wish I had some wine to go with all this cheese, though.]

Libby: You okay? [She puts a hand on Reed's chest.]

Reed: Worried about me? Help me up!

Bernstein: Alright! Chocolate chip cookies! Manny and I baked them.

[Everyone finds an excuse to leave. Libby plays with her kids.]