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Episode Number: 1
First Aired: Saturday April 12, 1997
Writer: Nancy Miller
Director: Tom McLoughlin

[On screen text] "Life is just an intermission. It gets us ready for the real adventure."

[Sped up shot of a car traveling through a tunnel. As it emerges from the tunnel and into empty LA street it fades to white.]

Tiffany Roebuck: [Driving, looking into the rearview mirror as she speaks] I know you didn't plan on this happening today. No one ever does. It happened to me when I was 11. I died. Well, almost. I was in a car wreck. I went all the way to the edge of the light. It's not like you see in the movies, huh?

[Tiffany turns around. We can see she's talking to a dead body in the back of her van. The body is wrapped completely in white sheets, as are most of the bodies in the show. It actually looks very artistic and beautiful on film, but all I can think of whenever they show it is how much damn laundry they must do. They seem to use around 8 sheets per dead body.]

Tiffany: Here we are.

[A few words about Tiffany. She's played by Hillary Swank. She doesn't play a big part in the show. She does a lot of exposition. Her character is pretty weird, and I have to say I think she does a nice job with what she's given.]

[The van pulls in to an underground parking garage. CORONER is displayed on the side. The parking garage is busy with people and cops getting in and out of cars]

Tiffany: [Still speaking to the dead person] You'll probably be with us three days, five at the most. You just chill and enjoy your journey.

Manny Boyd: [Opening the back of the van] Tiffany, I've got dibs on the floater. You've got a dead old lady in Burbank.

[Manny is pretty much the stereotypical weirdo. Almost but not quite retarded.]

Tiffany: Talk to them nice, Manny. Why can't you have a little respect?

Manny: Sorry.

Tiffany: Oh, good morning Dr. Bernstein. How was the annual bite mark breakfast?

Bernstein: I am coroner to the bite mark capital of the world, my child. I was the hit of the breakfast.

[Inside the coroner's office. It's very busy.]

Bernstein: Look at this place. The busiest coroner's office in the nation. We are number one, and we are going to keep it that way, right?

Tiffany: Right.

Bernstein: Teamwork.

[In another part of the office]

Dr. Claudia Chan: [She's on the phone, Reed Sims is waving a piece of paper at her.] Is that the same lottery ticket?

Reed: It expires tomorrow night. Midnight.

Chan: Nobody's claimed that body?

Reed: It's still a John Doe. It's been six months. All I'm saying is I gotta scratch it. It's driving me nuts.

Chan: Dudley. Dudley.

Dudley Adams: [He's wearing scrubs, taking pictures of a dead body on a gurney. He's listening to music through headphones, so loud it can be heard across the room.]

Chan: I need you this morning, third pose[?] I've got a 29 year old stroke victim, I need some shots of her heart.

Dudley: You're standing in my light.

Reed: How dare you disturb an artist at work.

[Chan gives him a dirty look, turns around and starts off down the hall. Reed follows her, waving the lottery ticket at her]

Reed: 25,000 buckaroos for you, that's how much this thing could be worth.

Dr. Amy: Is he still bugging you about that lottery ticket? Where is it, I'll scratch it.

Reed: In a pocket.

[She's reaches behind him, trying to get a hand into his back pocket. Lucky. Fucking. Woman. He backs away from her, probably to keep her from singing her hands on the AoL. She is pregnant, after all. Although, touching that, especially back in '97? Probably worth losing a limb or two. Or three.]

Reed: Wrong pocket. Do you have that toxicology for my Malibu suicide?

Miller: Yeah. Came back positive for antidepressants. Go figure.

Reed: Hmm. Claudia, look, I just need a minute of your time.

Chan: I have 20 autopsies today, minimum. I'm not in the mood!

[An alarm goes off, red lights on the walls start flashing. Everyone starts running out to the underground parking garage.]

Reed: Fire alarm!

[Reed takes Chan by the arm and leads her out to the garage. Just as they get outside]

Group (Doctors and orderlies): Surprise!

[Reed dances around her dorkily. I don't care if Word says dorkily isn't a word, that's the only way to describe it.]

Group: For she's a jolly pathologist, for she's a jolly pathologist, for she's a jolly pathologist, which no cadaver can deny!

[Yes, it's a stupid as it sounds, but Meloni is spinning around flailing his arms the whole time and it's fucking hilarious.]

[Chan is shaking her head and trying not to smile. There's a cake in the shape of a dead body.]

Martha: Happy 40th, blow out your candles. But be careful, I did your chart. We'll talk.

[Chan blows out her candles, everyone cheers, Dudley takes pictures. Reed looks up to see a woman walking down the ramp into the parking garage. ]

Reed: God, I hope you're Libby Galante, 'cause if you are you'd be looking for Reed Sims. That's me.

Libby: Libby Galante.

Reed: Great, I'll be training you.

Manny: Who are you?

Reed: The new coroner's investigator. Libby, Manny. Manny, bug off.

Manny: You want to see the bodies in the refrigerator?

Amy: He gets a little excited. [drags Manny away from Libby]

Reed: Welcome aboard. It's an...interesting place to work.

Libby: I'm sensing that.

Reed: We kind of make a big deal about birthdays around here. Would you like a piece of cake?

Libby: ...Okay.

Reed: Great. Claudia, I'd like you to meet the new investigator Libby Galante.

Chan: [Holding out cake] Want an arm to a leg?

[Credits. They really are pretty crappy. Cheesy almost gospel sounding music and slow mo clips. I don't think it fits the tone of the show at all.]

[The thing to understand about Reed and Libby in these early scenes is that he is immediately and absolutely infatuated with her and she has no idea what to make of him. She can't figure him out and that annoys her even more than his antics do.]

[Coroner's Office]

Reed: Any death that's not natural becomes a coroner's case. We investigate, determine cause and manner of death. Bodies are our jurisdiction, we're in charge of identification, personal property, we also notify the next of kin. VIP room.

[Autopsy Room]

Reed: John Belushi, Marilyn Monroe, they were all been autopsied here.

Libby: You said you average 50 bodies a day? That's 350 a week.

Reed: Give or take.

Libby: That's 1400 a month.

Reed: That's right.

Libby: That's impossible. They all come through this office?

Reed: We had over 18,000 cases last year. Welcome to LA. Cold Crypt. Big freezer. It's where we keep all the John Does. We've got about 50 in there right now.

[Reed tries to go inside, but Libby grabs his arm and pulls him back]

Libby: No, really, that's okay, thanks. I believe you.

Reed: So you were with the LAPD, huh? How's the Sheriff?

Libby: Sorry about that.

Reed: Yeah, well, my right hook just wasn't tough enough for the LAPD. Decomp room. Don't ever wear anything in there that you care about. So how long have you been divorced from Bobby?

Libby: You know Bobby?

Reed: No. But I think I've met you before.

Libby: How do you know I'm divorced?

Manny: Hey, you want to see the bodies in the refrigerator now?

Libby: No. Thank you.

Manny: [To Reed] You have a homicide out in Brentwood. Watch out for that flying DNA.

[And that was the first of many, many OJ Simpson references.]

Libby: You were about to tell me how you knew I was divorced.

Reed: Libby The Shooter Galante? Caught her husband in bed with another woman and shot him?

Libby: He was cleaning my gun and it accidentally went off.

Reed: Ah. Your ex husband who works firearms for the LAPD.

Libby: Even a firearms expert can mishandle a gun.

Reed: Okay. Yeah. If I ever start to piss you off, you just let me know.

Libby: You're starting to piss me off.

Reed: Huh. I know I've met you before though. You don't take beer caps off with your teeth do you?

Libby: No. Not with my teeth.

Reed: Woof [It's some kind of woofing noise, anyway.] Hey! Birthday girl.

Chan: Speaking of that, I know what you can do with that lottery ticket, Reed.

Reed: What's that? [Jumps like the lottery ticket in his back pocket just bit him.] Oh! Look, Claudia, what you're going through is natural. We all know about the five stages of death and dying. Same goes with aging, you're just in the first stage. Denial.

Chan: I am not in denial. Move.

Libby: [Trying to get Reed's attention] Hey.

Reed: Yes.

Bernstein: Ah, Doctor Chan. Once again, the price of our fame and (something). Do you remember when I told you that A&E wanted to do a documentary on us?

Chan: No.

Bernstein: Well, in any event, they told me it was going to be in good taste, so I would like you to perform and autopsy for them.

Chan: I'm not a seal, Dr. Bernstein, I don't perform.


Libby: 1400 a month. I wonder how many people are born in LA in a month.

Reed: You got kids?

Libby: Do you?

Reed: Not yet. And I'm divorced by the way. Which means I'm single.

Libby: I'll spread the word.

Reed: Thank you.

Libby: How did you end up in the coroner's office?

Reed: You make it sound like a disease.

Libby: What, was it a career goal?

Reed: I ended up in the coroner's office by almost ending up in the coroner's office. I was shot on duty. I had to retire. I'm out on 50 percent disability.

Libby: Miss it?

Reed: What, being a cop? Yeah. I'm not going to lie to you. But this job isn't so bad, you know, we still get to help people.

Libby: Yeah. The people we help of kind of past appreciating it, aren't they?

Reed: This job is more about the living than the dead. You'll see.

[House. Tiffany is looking at a wedding photo and talking to a dead woman.]

Tiffany: Look at you. You looked amazing. What a totally stunning wedding dress. And I love the doo. So, Mrs. Cricket, I'm Tiffany. It's nice you died in your sleep. Have you passed through yet? Are you on the other side? ...Why do you have mustard in your ear?

[The dead woman does, indeed, have mustard all over her ear. That isn't, like, a metaphor or anything.]

Mr. Cricket: Tomorrow's our wedding anniversary. 50 Years. I had reservations at the Moonlight Tango Cafe.

Tiffany: Was your wife eating anything when she died?

Mr. Cricket: Eating?

Tiffany: Oh, it's okay, Mr. Cricket. I was looking at her wedding picture. She was a beautiful bride.

Mr. Cricket: I wish we could have danced one last time.

[Brentwood, outside a nice house.]

Libby: So, what, we're like surrogates for the dead?

Reed: The dead have a lot to say. You just got to speak their language. Stiff-bonics. [I thought that was the language of horney men. Or was that douchebag -bonics? I always get those mixed up.]

Libby: What about working with homicide?

Reed: Well, if it is a homicide, it's their case, our body. We don't get to catch the bad guy, but we are in charge of the most important piece of the evidence at the scene. Which is where we met, a crime scene.

Libby: We haven't met.

Reed: Yeah we have. I'll remember.

Libby: We haven't met.

Reed: You shop at Ralph's? Huh? That's it, right, produce section or something?

[Standing over a dead body lying beside a pool]

Lions: [Seeing Libby] Look out! Don't shoot!

Franco: Everybody duck!

Reed: Franco.

Franco: She's not packing is she?

Reed: I'm not touching that.

Lions: Like working with those stiffs, Galante?

Libby: Makes me kind of sad. Their pasty white skin and funky smell. Makes me miss you, Lions.

Reed: What do we got, boys?

Franco: Names Michele Bailer. Does makeup for the movies. Married. We're looking for the, uh, loving husband.

Reed: So we got a head wound. Can't see it.

Lions: Sims, ever eat at Vichoty's? Meet Vichoty's wife.

Libby: Dominic Vichoty? The one who owns the restaurant on Sunset.

Franco: Neighbors heard them going at it last night about midnight. Guy's worth millions, has to come home and beat up on his wife.

Lions: Yeah, we figure she was trying to get away from him and fell out here.

Reed: I saw her picture in a magazine one time, very pretty lady. Any other kind of family besides the husband.

Lions: We'll take care of the notifications. You want to roll out the body snatchers?

Reed: You want to move out of my way so I can take a picture?

[Libby wanders inside the house]

[Coroner's Office, Property Claims]

Tiffany: Martha?

Martha: Hi.

Tiffany: Hi. I need your advice. I have some property here from the sweetest old lady who died in her sleep.

Martha: [Touches the evidence bag] I hear chirping.

Tiffany: Whoa. Look at the name of the deceased. You scare me sometimes.

Martha: [Takes a watch out of the bag] Oh, this is giving off a very powerful vibration. Love. Tremendous love. And there's also regret and guilt.

Tiffany: Does it have anything to do with the mustard in her ear?

Martha: [Joking] Condiments. I do feel condiments.

Tiffany: Okay, thanks.

[Martha puts the watch on]

[Brentwood, outside]

Reed: Got a liver temperature of 88.3. Now, with her being outside like this she's been dead about 10 hours.

Franco: 10 hours is in the ball park.

[Libby is looking at blood stains inside the house. She searches through a purse she finds and takes out a matchbook]

Lions: Hey, that's not with the body, what are you doing?

Franco: We can't touch your evidence, you can't touch ours.

Libby: Are you guys sure this is a homicide. A couple of things don't feel right to me.

Lions: Oh, a couple of things don't feel right to Quincy here. Now you're going to tell us how to do our jobs?

Reed: No one's trying to tell you how to do your job. If she's got something to say I want to hear it.

Lions: Well, I don't.


Reed: Forget about him. He's a jerk. What's the deal with you guys anyway?

Libby: I'm not sure she was beaten to death.

Reed: You read my mind. We'll have to clean up the body and find out.

Libby: I've seen beatings, the blood is everywhere, all over the room. This was more contained, it almost followed a path.

Reed: There's Dominic Vichoti.

[Vichoti sees the body being rolled out]

Vichoti: Michele! Michele! That's my wife let go of me! I want to see her!

Reed: [His beeper goes off.]

Libby: Let's talk to him.

Reed: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Right now, it's a homicide the dicks handle. Besides we've got another case.

Libby: Does he look guilty to you?

Reed: No, but the body's gonna tell us more than he will.

Libby: Okay. Fine. Great. What's next?

[Moonlight Rollerway]

Reed: How are ya?

[There's a dead body in the middle of the staking rink]

Libby: What happened?

Man: Looks to me like he died in the middle of a triple axle.


[Moonlight Rollerway]

Reed: Robert Jenkins?

Man: Yeah. Guy's been working about six years. Great (something). That's why the kids are so upset. They called him Roller Bob.

Reed: Roller Bob, that's nice. So you open the place up, come in, and there he is. No one else is here.

Man: No. I saw him last night.

Reed: What time was that?

Man: About 10 o'clock. He liked to stay late, you know, practice when the place was empty.

Reed: Sure.

Man: There ain't a scratch on him. You think he had a heart attack?

Reed: Young guy, looks in pretty good shape. You ever see him use drugs?

Man: No. Not even an aspirin.

Libby: Sims.

Reed: Hold on one second.

Man: Sure.

Reed: [Snaps a Polaroid of Libby.] Souvenir. First day of school.

Libby: Great. I found this in his locker. Nothing interesting. I can't stop thinking about Michele Bailer. Did you see a second set of footprints at the scene?

Reed: Nope. And I'm sure Lions and Franco didn't either.

Manny: [Rolling the...Roller skater away] This is my first athlete.

Reed: Did you check the other lockers?

Libby: Yes. And the bathroom. And the trashcan. If he ingested something there's nothing left.

Reed: What about those trashcans over there?

Libby: No. Right. [She finds a pill bottle in the trash] Way to go, Sims.

[Coroner's Office, Property Claim]

Martha: [Talking to Dudley] People die with the strangest things. Old photographs, good luck charms. Some woman died with this lovely item [Holds up a rolling pin] And she wasn't baking cookies with it, darling. [Reed and Libby walk in. Martha stares.] Wow.

Reed: Wow, what?

Martha: You two make a very powerful couple. Your linked, spiritually. As if you transcend time.

Reed: Oh, yeah? How about that.

Libby: We need to get up to toxicology.

Reed: [Hands her the roller skater's bag] What do you think about this?

Martha: I feel sadness. And anger. Extreme anger.

Reed: I think you have it mixed up with Claudia and her birthday. She's in Anger. That's the second stage, you know.

Chan: You think I'm kidding about this? I don't want to talk about it.

Libby: Toxicology.

Reed: Next stage, bargaining.

[Bernstein's Office]

[The office pretty much looks like a 2 room house, the second room being a fully functional kitchen. Yeah. I...have no idea why. As Roller Bob would say, let's roll with it.]

Chan: Dr. Bernstein?

Bernstein: Oh! Are you hungry?

Chan: No, thanks. I just wanted to say that I've thought it over and I'd be happy to conduct an autopsy for the documentary.

Bernstein: Well, actually, they have decided to go with the New York Coroner's Office. I told them it wasn't such a good idea, we have so much more to offer. Like how about some of this vegetable soup, every yummy bite from my own garden.

Chan: I.. brought my lunch--

Bernstein: Ah, look at these ingredients. How about this red pepper. Have you ever seen anything like that? How about this mushroom? For salad, cucumber. Is that a cucumber to die for?

Chan: I really have to get back to work.

Bernstein: You want to know my secret? How I grow the most magnificent vegetables?

Chan: I don't garden, Dr. Bernstein.

Bernstein: I make my own compost.

[Coroner's Office]

Libby: [on the phone] Did she lose her driver's license? Oh, come on, how many favors have I done for you?

Tiffany: Amy, did you run the test?

Amy: You were right, it was mustard. Is this her?

Libby: Excuse me, hi, is it you that I speak to about toxicology reports?

Amy: Which one?

Libby: Blood alcohol level, Michele Bailer.

Amy: Here you go.

Libby: Thanks.

Tiffany: I also found a little relish under her left breast.

Amy: Maybe she thought she was a hotdog.

Tiffany: This is serious. I think her husband might know something about it.

Libby: Do you really think she can hear you?

Tiffany: Of course. She's just alive in another way now.

Amy: Be careful, Tiff. Let people work here a couple of days before they see you talking to cadavers, okay?

Tiffany: Why is everyone so afraid of death?

Amy: I think it has something to do with not being alive anymore.

Reed: [On the phone] Hi, this is investigator Sims with the LA Coroner's Office, I need you guys to make a death notification. Yeah, I'll hold.

Libby: I need to talk to you.

Reed: Toughest thing we've got to do, death notification. You lucked out with Roller Bob, his next of kin live all the way out in Ontario.

Libby: What about Bailer's next of kin?

Reed: LAPD is handling it.

Chan: Scratch that damn lottery ticket or I will.

Reed: Hey, I heard you made amends with Bernstein, congratulations, you're now officially in the third stage, bargaining.

[Libby is staring at a picture on the wall behind Reed's desk]

Reed: Angel of death.

Libby: What's in his hand?

Reed: Somebody's ticket. But look at his face. He doesn't want to go just yet. He wants to give the guy a little more time. [on the phone] Hello. Hi. Good. I have a deceased for you. Robert Jenkins. His parents live at 3861 Portland Avenue. Okay.

[Autopsy Room. Dudley is taking pictures with headphones on.]

Libby: Dudley? Dudley?

Dudley: It's Vivaldi, know what I'm saying?

Libby: Oh, yeah. Mind if I take a look at Michele Bailer?

Dudley: Yeah, sure, not like we're going anywhere.

Libby: [sees bruises on Bailer's knees] Either she's a real klutz or she'd been drinking. Looks like a fracture, huh?

Dudley: Yeah, it's a linear fracture on the external surface of the skull. You have amazing cheekbones. Have you ever been photographed professionally?

Libby: Uh--

Dudley: Oh, yeah, here's my card. I also do weddings, glamour shots, head shots, whatever.

Libby: ...Thanks. [Manny walks up to her] No thank you.

Dudley: Manny, my main man with the squeegee, how's it going?

Many: I did it, I have a date. I asked out that girl in the valley.

Dudley: Yes!

Many: I really want to impress her so who should I take?

Dudley: I got it, I got it. I'm thinking maybe...Kurt Cobain. [Dudley takes a photograph out of a file cabinet, obviously an autopsy photo.]

Many: You got Kurt Cobain!? (says something jumbled) Are we being disrespectful? I mean he was the voice of a generation, you know.

Dudley: You know how much this cost me? I had to give the guy a Bobby Kennedy's, 2 Marilyn Monroes, and a Janis Joplin.

Manny: That's steep.

Dudley: Yeah.

Manny: I don't know. Don't you have a Natalie Wood that nobody's seen?


Martha: Your interview will have to wait.

Libby: What?

Martha: You're off to talk to someone. It has to wait. I need you downstairs. I have next of kin inside, they're here for a visual ID.

Libby: I'm sorry, I don't know what that means.

Martha: It means go downstairs, find the toe tag that matches this number, bring the body to the freight elevator and I will meet you there with the next of kin.

Libby: I can't do this. Today's my first day.

Martha: You're a Scorpio, right?

Libby: Yes.

Martha: Scorpios love the darkness. And you're very compassionate, and you have a gift for touching people's souls. You will be fine dear.

[Downstairs. Libby finds a room with about 2 dozen dead bodies. She goes through them looking at the numbers on the toe tags. She finds it and brings it to the elevator. As she's moving it an arm falls out from under the sheet and she jumps. She grabs the arm to move it back under the sheet. The body screams and jumps out, to reveal Dr. Chan with fake googly eyes. Libby screams. The whole gang jumps out to laugh at her.]

Dudley: You are now an official employee of the coroner's office.

Chen: In this business I suggest you mix levity with lividity or else you're going to loose your mind.

Manny: You want to see the bodies in the refrigerator now?

Reed: You in the mood for a drink?

Libby: Definitely. You ever heard of a place called the Slash (?) Club?

[Outside the Club]

Libby: Bailer was a drunk. Her blood alcohol level was 1.8 when she died. I think she fell, cracked her head open, and struggled to the side of the pool.

Reed: You may be right.

Libby: 2 weeks ago she totaled her car, third arrest for drunk driving.

Reed: I'm telling you, everything's going to come out in the autopsy. How'd you find out about this place? Are we dressed okay?

Libby: Bailer's matches in her purse.

Reed: You stole evidence from a crime scene?

Libby: She also had an AA chip on her key chain and five packs of breath mints. An alcoholics version of sobriety.

Reed: You take anything else? Maybe grab a signed confession, pocket a murder weapon or something?

Libby: Look, I thinks he was a regular here, let's go talk to the bartender. Come on.

Franco: Hey Sims.

Lions: What the hell are you doing here, Galate? [He grabs her and drags her off. Sims tries to follow.]

Franco: Hey, they got a beef, let them work it out.

Libby: Let go of me!

Lions: You just can't stop playing cop, can you?

Libby: You ever ask Verchoti if his wife was an alcoholic?

Lions: Verchoti is exercising his right to remain silent.

Libby: You arrested him?

Lions: Look, I know what you did, if I could prove it I'd bust your ass.

Libby: You can't prove a sunrise, Lions, that's why I'm helping you out.

Lions: You're a trash collector now. You drive around the city picking up trash, bitch.

Libby: What did you say?

Lions: You heard me. What are you gonna do, shoot me now?

Libby: I don't carry a gun anymore.

Reed: I do. Here. Barrow mine. Hell of a first day, Galante. Hell of a first day.


[Coroner's Office]

Reed: Fax just came in for you. Patrols been out to Vichoti's house three times in the last year on domestics. You got a mole in the LAPD?

Libby: I saw him. You saw him. This can't be right.

Reed: Guy could be a good actor. We've got a lot of them in this city. Tiffany, someone's waiting for you up in the family room.

Tiffany: Thanks.

[Family Room]

Mr. Cricket: I came to confess.

Tiffany: Confess?

Mr. Cricket: We were fooling around.

Tiffany: Good for you.

Mr. Cricket: I had gone into the kitchen to make a sandwich and she started it.

Tiffany: Started what?

Mr. Cricket: She flung a whole spoon of mayonnaise at me and it landed--well, you know where. I grabbed the mustard and we were laughing and laughing. All of the sudden, she just collapsed. She was dead. Do you think I'm a murderer?

Tiffany: No. I think you loved your wife very much. And you didn't want her to be embarrassed so you cleaned her up and put her to bed in her prettiest nightgown.

Mr. Cricket: Would you like some coffee?

Tiffany: Thank you. Do you have plans tonight Mr. Cricket?

Mr. Cricket: No.

Tiffany: You do now.

[Coroner's Office]

Reed: Is this about your beef with Lions? What is your beef with Lions?

Libby: He's lazy and burned out. And other than that, I don't like his ties.

Chan: Good morning. I was just about to make some tea. Would you like a cup?

Reed: You want to make me a cup of tea?

Chan: Well, I woke up this morning and I have decided to turn over a new leaf. It's not going to hurt me to be nice to you guys every once and a while.

Reed: Still stuck in third stage. Bargaining.

Chan: Oh, God, you're right. I'm pathetic.

Reed: Ah, no, but that's good, here. Feel it? Fourth stage? Depression?

Libby: Can we put a rush on Michele Bailer's autopsy?

Chan: Do I have a sign on my forehead that says ' I aim to please'? Why is everybody making requests of me? I'm not a DJ!

Reed: Now you caused her to have a setback. She's revisiting anger. That's not good.

Libby: Is everything one big joke to you?! Do you ever take anything seriously?

Red: Do you ever lighten up? What is your obsession with this case? I mean, what are you trying to prove?

Bernstein: Investigator Galante, I need to speak to you. I just received a very disturbing phone call from detective Lions. He claims that your interfering with his investigation. Is that true?

Libby: No.

Bernstein: Do you understand that we are medical investigators, not criminal?

Libby: Yes, sir.

Bernstein: Good.

Reed: Wow, you're racking up brownie points this morning.

Martha: Reed? [handing him the lottery ticket] I slept with it under my pillow. All my dreams were about money. Congratulations.

Reed: Oh, great.

Martha: You two have company upstairs.

[Family Room]

Mr. Jenkins: We tried to go by his apartment. There was a coroner's seal on the door. We don't know what that means.

Reed: Well, we haven't been able to get by there. I apologize for that, it should be off by the end of the day.

Mr. Jenkins: We still don't know what happened.

Reed: Yeah.

Libby: Could you tell us a little bit more about your son. Who were some of his friends?

Mrs. Jenkins: Well, his best friend was Martin. Martin Smith.

Libby: What does Martin Smith do?

Mr. Jenkins: He owns a skate shop.

Libby: Do you know, did Martin or Bob ever do any drugs?

Mrs. Jenkins: No. Drugs? Why are you bringing up drugs?

Reed: She meant medication. Medication. Did he have any kind of medical condition?

Mr. Jenkins: No. When can we have our son?

Reed: Have you chosen a funeral home? They'll contact us. We'll work everything out with them and they should be able to answer any questions you may have.

Mrs. Jenkins: Can they tell us why he died?

[Roller Bob's Apartment]

Reed: All I'm saying is you've gotta be careful talking to the family. You're a part of their nightmare. That's a nightmare they're going to have to be living over and over for the rest of their lives.

Libby: Okay. So I have to work on my bedside manner. Fine. All right, we've got that Roller Bob smokes a pipe, listens to show tunes, and reads Playboy. [Yeah, sure Roller Bob. Playboy. Can we say over compensation?]

Reed: Wow. Sounds like my place. They'd find all kinds of embarrassing stuff there. Like that Polaroid I took of you that I have on my fridge. There's an obsession. [Libby stares at him.] Food. Food. I eat all the time. I'm serious though, I'm telling you, we've met somewhere before, I'm gonna figure it out. For some reason...I see dancing.

[And...More Meloni Dancing. It is a testament to his hotness that I still find him attractive after his Semi-Robot.]

Libby: Great. Great. So now we're dancing in the produce section at Ralph's. You really have a good time with yourself, don't you?

Reed: Yeah.

Libby: Hey.

Reed: Hmm?

Libby: Got a couple of letters here, from Roller Bob to the National Olympic Committee.

Reed: And what do they say?

Libby: "Dear Committee Members, roller skating is as graceful and beautiful as ice skating, and just as ice skating is a wonderful tradition in the winter games, so should the exciting art or roller skating become to the summer Olympics."

Reed: He killed himself.

Libby: What?

Reed: [Holding a note] "I'm giving up. I've done everything I can and nothing has changed. Don't feel bad for me, I died on the wood. I died doing what I loved."

Libby: He killed himself over roller skating?

Reed: Yeah.

Libby: Roller skating.

Reed: Well, what's important to you?



Martha: Why did he kill himself?

Libby: He was tired of ice skaters getting more attention than roller skaters.

Reed: It wasn't about roller skating. Martha, do you have the time?

Martha: About 10 after 2. So it was about respect. And love. It always comes back to love.

Reed: [Looking at Libby] It always comes back to love.

Martha: I knew it. I knew it, I knew it!

Reed: What?

Martha: You two were a team in another life. [Hands Reed a picture]

Reed: Hey! Check that out, that's us! We're dancing. That's us. Told ya.

Libby: You're out of your mind. Hey, are you here for Michele Bailer's autopsy?

Lions: Would she have made a hell of a detective or what?

Franco: No kidding.

Libby: Mind if we sit in on it? I've already cleared it with Dr. Chan.

Lions: Yeah? Well, you didn't clear it with me.

Libby: Yeah, well, we don't have to. The body is our jurisdiction.

Lions: She wastes my time in there, Sims, I'm gong back to Bernstein.

Reed: I hope you know what you're doing. [mocking Lions] 'I'm going back to Bernstein.'

[Autopsy Room]

Chan: ...No signs of (something) in her left conjunctiva, right conjunctiva, ear canals are clean, no sign of hemorrhage. There's an interior abrasion on her lower right lip, slight bruising on the inside of her mouth.

Lions: Like she was hit?

Chan: More like she bit the inside of her lip. Tooth is chipped, I'll need dental charts to make a comparison. Look at this liver, hard as a rock. You can see here there's non (something) which indicates advanced (something) cirrhosis.

Reed: What's the cause, Doc?

Chan: Wasn't the skull fracture. She died from cardiac arrhythmia. Contributing factor was alcohol. She drank herself to death. She died of natural causes.

Reed: Well. Looks like the rookie was right.

Franco: One less case we have to worry about.

Libby: Why don't you worry about how you almost ruined an innocent man's life, you moron.


[Reed is grinning, Libby is freaking the hell out]

Reed: Way to go, you nailed him.

Libby: Is there a lunch room somewhere?

Reed: Yeah, you hungry?

Libby: No, I--

Reed: There's a greasy taco stand, real spicy--

Libby: I don't want to eat, I don't want to eat, if there's just somewhere I can get away from all of this, please--

reed: Hey, hey, hey, okay.

Libby: Okay? Great.


[There's a big garden on the roof. idea...Just go with it.]

Libby: Wow. Where did this come from?

Reed: Bernstein. Hell of a green thumb. Just don't eat his vegetables.

Libby: Vegetables?

Reed: Trust me on that one. What would you have done if you'd been wrong down there?

Libby: I was married to an alcoholic for 8 years. I knew I wasn't wrong. I expected to hate this job. I thought I'd be bored. I never realized that death was so connected to life, I guess. Does this make sense?

Reed: I bet it does to Dominic Vichoti.

Libby: This is a very strange job.

Reed: Yeah. Makes you think about a lot of things. It makes you not want to...

Libby: Die.

Reed: It makes you not want to stop living. Well, you relax. Enjoy. I'm going to give the Jenkins a call.

Libby: Sims? [Libby goes inside with him.]

[Jenkins's House]

[They tell Mrs. Jenkins it was suicide. Libby hugs her.]


Martha: Mr. Cricket?

Mr. Cricket: Yes.

Martha: I've been wearing your wife's watch. It was trying to tell me something, and I needed to have it close to me. Your wife loved you with all of her heart. And she wants you to ask out Ethel Burke.

Mr. Cricket: Who's Ethel Burke?

Martha: I don't know. But your wife wants you to go on with your life and have fun with Ethel. I'll get the rest of her jewelry.


Reed: The office is closed, no one's going to claim that body before midnight, I am scratching this stub. Yes!

Libby: What!?

Reed: 2 dollars!

Libby: What are you going to do, buy another lottery ticket?

Reed: Yeah! What else am I gonna do with it? Pull over.

Libby: What?

Reed: Pull over.

Libby: What's wrong?

Reed: Not a thing. Right here.

Libby: What are we doing?

Reed: Look.

[She turns to see the sun setting over LA]

Libby: It's beautiful.

Reed: 13,500.

Libby: What?

Reed: 13,500 babies are born every month.

Libby: In LA?

Reed: LA.

Libby: Nice.

Reed: Want to go dancing?

Libby: Dancing?

Reed: Yeah, see if we remember how.

Libby: Why don't we just enjoy the sunset for now, okay?

Reed: Okay. But we are going dancing one of these days.

Libby: We'll see.

[Rooftop Garden]

Tiffany: My parents died when I was 11. Sometimes when I feel I need to be near them I come up here.

Mr. Cricket: Grace loved roses.

Tiffany: That's one of the things I love about LA. Roses bloom all year long. Happy Anniversary.

Mr. Cricket: How did you know that was our song?

Tiffany: Listen to your heart, Mr. Cricket. That's where Grace is. That's where she'll always be. I know it's not the same, but would you like to dance?