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The Black Widower
Episode Number: 4
First Aired: Saturday May 31, 1997
Writer: Rick Kellard
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson

[Manny is putting a body in a room. A cell phone on another body goes off. He finds it and answers.]

Manny: Uh, hello. This is Manny. Well, uh, Mr. Randall is not available at this time. No, I don't expect him back. Okay. Thank you for calling.


[Boardwalk. Tiffany is rolling a dead body to her van. A young woman is crying.]

Tiffany: [To the dead body] Don't worry. I've got you. I know you have your hands full, wherever you are right now, but if you could send a little light and energy to your family, I know they could use some.

Lorena: Tony! Tony! No! That's my brother!

Tiffany: I wish she knew you were with her. [Some young kids are pointing and laughing.] That kid was just stabbed to death. 15 years old, he was one of you. How could you be laughing? What if it was her? What if it was you?

[House, Bedroom]

Reed: No sign of trauma. Died on her side, died in her sleep. Hopefully.

Libby: Yeah, that's what her husband says.

Reed: Yeah. [Hands Libby a picture] Look at that smile. How much life, how much love is in that smile? Shame.

Libby: She really went downhill fast.

Reed: Yup, see that date there? Taken less than a month ago.

Libby: Wow. The mortuary is on their way.

Reed: Uh huh.

Libby: He doesn't have anybody to wait with him. I told him we'd stay.

Reed: We can do that.

[Living Room]

Kilroy: Everything was supposed to be alright as long as she took her medicine. That's what the doctor said. Told us there wouldn't be any problems. I--I brought it to her everyday. Twice a day. She took it with tea. So, uh--what happens now? Do we...

Libby: Someone from the mortuary will come here and you're going to need to call her doctor because he's going to have to sign the death certificate.

Kilroy: Oh, okay. Okay. I should...I'm trying to think.

Libby: It's okay.

Kilroy: I, uh. I should feed the cat.


Martha: Hold on. You're with the--

Woman: The Terry Gallagher Show. It's a talk show.

Martha: I don’t know. Television. I don’t see myself there.

Woman: Listen, we think secret crushes is going to be a fabulous segment for our show, and, Martha, you could make it magical.

Martha: And this man who's going to be on the show has never met me? He’s just observed me from afar and then he developed this crush?

Woman: An immense, all consuming, romantic obsession. In the most non threatening definition of “obsession.”

Martha: All this from watching me fast walk in baggy sweats and a Dodger hat? I always thought that park was a safe place.

Woman: Oh, I can assure you, this man has impeccable character.

Martha: That’s what my Mother In Law said about my first husband. The IRS is still looking for him. I--I’ll need a few days to think about it. What was the name of your program again?


Kilroy: Why hasn’t he called?

Libby: Sometimes the exchange has a hard time reaching a doctor.

Reed: Why don’t you try him again?

Kilroy: Did I give you the number?

Reed: No, sir.

Kilroy: Oh. Do I have it? Yeah, right. I have the number.

Libby: I really dread the day when it’s my mom or dad lying there.

Reed: Day came for me when I was 18. My dad was just like that man. Totally lost. He didn’t even know where my mom kept the checking account. I still see my father that day. Couldn’t get the wedding album out of his hands. He just kept looking at it.

Kilroy: I still can’t get a hold of the doctor. What--what does this mean?

Reed: You know, Mr. Kilroy, we can help you with that. In cases like this the coroner’s office can sign the death certificate.

Kilroy: Oh.

[Reed signs the toe tag.]

Kilroy: She stopped wearing her ring because it kept slipping off. I had it especially designed for her. The inscription says, “in this life and forever.” [He puts the ring on her body.]

[Office. Libby is on the phone.]

Libby: Sammy, Sammy, honey, you cannot just leave your classroom. No. If you have a problem you go straight to Mrs. Davidic. Who’s Damon? The boogerhead, huh? He said your voice is squeaky when you sing? He’s wrong, sweetie, you’ve got a beautiful voice. No, I can’t come there and help you sing. Hey, how’s this? You want to sing with mommy on the phone? Yeah, come on. You go first. Ready?

[Libby sings, Reed lipsinks behind her]


‘Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high,

There's a land that I heard of

Once in a lullaby’

Reed and everyone else in the office:

‘Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue,

And the dreams that you dare to dream

Really do come true.’

Libby: [Yelling over the singing] Oh, honey, that’s great, yes, sing it like that and you’ll be just fine. I promise.

Reed: Okay, how about a snappy number from Evita--[Phone rings] Hold that note. Sims. Yeah, be right there. Bernstein wants us.

[Bernstein’s Office]

Bernstein: It’s quite clear what you say--come in, please, ah, yes, Investigators Galante and Sims. This is Sergeant Yates. Sergeant Yates arrived this afternoon from San Francisco--

Yates: I should have stopped this the day they got married.

Reed: Stopped...what?

Bernstein: You two handled the death of Mrs. Kilroy this morning, is that right? Well, she was the Sergeant’s mother.

Libby: We weren’t aware of any other relatives.

Yates: of course not. He doesn’t want anyone to know about me. That would screw everything up.

Bernstein: Sergeant Yates believes that there has been some foul play involved. He’s been to the LAPD, they took a statement from you, is that right?

Yates: They can’t do much. They don’t think there’s enough for a full scale investigation.

Libby: You suspect your stepfather?

Yates: Look. She had heart problems, yes. But she took care of herself. He killed her. He killed her for her money. And the cops can’t do anything.

Bernstein: Well, to be quite frank, there isn’t much that we can do either.

Yates: I want an autopsy.

Bernstein: Only the next of kin can request an autopsy, and that would be her husband.

Reed: And if I may, Sergeant Yates, the death certificate lists the cause of death as heart disease.

Bernstein: That’s right, natural causes.

Reed: I signed it myself.

Libby: Mr. Kilroy couldn’t reach her doctor or any of the associate doctors. He was devastated, and understandably concerned, so we followed him to the mortuary and tried to help. How did you find out?

Yates: He called.

Libby: Vernon Kilroy?

Yates: Yes.

Libby: What time did he call you?

Yates: Early. I’m not crazy. My mother didn’t just pass away. She was the victim of a crime. Now I’m going to get my own detective, I’m going to get my own lawyer, and you can call it whatever disease you want. The truth is, you signed off on a murder.



Lorena: I gave it to him on his last birthday.

Martha: Let us check into it, okay? Tiffany, this is Lorena, Tony's sister. You brought him in from the Santa Monica Pier.

Tiffany: I am so sorry about your brother

Lorena: Was Tony wearing a necklace, it was a gold cross.

Tiffany: I never saw a necklace.

Lorena: He had it on when he died. I saw it. It didn't cost a lot of money but he said it always made him think of me. I want my brother to wear it when he's buried.

Tiffany: We'll do everything we can to find it, Lorena. We'll call you, okay? We'll look for it, I promise. I want to find this necklace. If he didn't have it on someone must have stolen it.

Martha: Tiffany, was there an ambulance team on the scene?

Tiffany: I think so.

Martha: Start there. I have no idea why, but I feel...Nevada.

Tiffany: Nevada? Okay. Nevada. Oh, are you really going on television?

Martha: Oh dear, it's all over the place.

Tiffany: If it were me, I'd go for it.

Martha: One little voice inside me says 'duck.'

Tiffany: Well, that's one voice. What does the other one say?

Martha: Back to work, girl.


Bernstein: Sims, Galante, I want you to take yourselves off the roster until further notice. Stay on the Kilroy woman's death. Let's back ourselves up with as much information as possible. Her son seems like a very determined man.

Libby: This is a case now? I thought Bernstein was handling that guy upstairs.

Reed: There's an accusation of murder here. And the implication that there was misconduct by this office. He's serious.

Libby: You think Yates is believable.

Reed: I think he mentioned the word lawyer. So we should check out his story before one shows up.

[Coming off the elevator.]

Reed: Okay, if you don't believe me, check out the faxes.

Libby: I'll read them later, doctor Mehta is waiting for us.

Reed: Kilroy's been married four times in the last thirteen years, each one of his wives has a deep commitment to being dead.

Libby: He doesn't have much time. We have to get in there.

Reed: You don't find this information disturbing?

[Doctor's Office]

Mehta: On her last visit, a little over two months ago, everything seemed fine. We were treating her for congestive heart. But the medication seemed to be doing its job.

Reed: And the rapid decline in her condition?

Mehta: Surprising. I hadn't seen her since her last visit so I can't be more specific. You said she was taking her pills. I don't know.

Libby: Could she have had a reaction to the medication?

Mehta: We've been treating her for a while, we would have seen something earlier. When I had heard she had died, I was shocked.

Reed: When did you find out about it?

Mehta: When your people called.

Reed: Your service never got a hold of you to sign the death certificate?

Mehta: My service never got a message. I would have responded.


Martha: Dr. Chan, I need you opinion. Is this too much?

Chan: For what?

Martha: ...Special occasions.

Chan: You're not doing that television show, are you?

Martha: I don't know.

Chan: Martha, those shows are puerile and demeaning.

Martha: If some guy had a crush on you wouldn't you want to find out who it was?

Chan: I suppose. This is a very good color on you.

Martha: What if this man is a dog?

Chan: The problem isn't what if he's a dog. It's what if he's not.

[Some place where they keep the Ambulances]

Tiffany: Excuse me. Hi. Did you work the stabbing yesterday at the Santa Monica Pier?

Reno: Uh, yeah.

Tiffany: Hi, I'm Tiffany Roebuck.

Reno: Joey. Joey Reno.

Tiffany: Reno. Nevada.

Reno: You work for the coroner's office, right? Yeah, I've seen you before. What do you need?

Tiffany: Well. I need that necklace you ripped off.

Reno: What?

Tiffany: Yeah. It belongs to a very special girl's brother and I need it back.

Reno: I don't know what you're talking about. This--this is mine.

Tiffany: Hm. So if I ask that guy if he's ever seen you wear it, he'll say yes.

Reno: Ask him. Find out.

Tiffany: You know what happens to people who steal from the dead? The dead get even.


Reed: The medical exchange lost the message? No. Kilroy never called.

Libby: We saw him. We saw him make the call.

Reed: No, we saw him go into the room to make the call.

Libby: So?

Reed: So maybe the son is right.

Libby: Maybe we should investigate the son, because I talked to a neighbor who says that the Sergeant and his mother have been estranged for over a year.

Reed: Okay.

Libby: And those phone calls that he so lovingly described were more like screaming fighting matches that everybody could hear up and down the block.

Reed: Okay, how about the stuff on the wives? That gives the son's story a little credibility.

Libby: LAPD didn't buy it.

Reed: We don't know that, we know their not pursuing it.

Libby: You know, you were at the scene, you saw what I saw. There was nothing suspicious there.

Reed: I know, I know, and that's why I'm saying maybe we didn't look hard enough. I've done hundreds of these. Maybe I'm starting to do it by the numbers.

Libby: Oh, come on.

Reed: Listen to me. I examined her. I'm wondering...maybe I wasn't careful enough. I just dismissed this one because, hey, it's an old person, we got a busy day.

Libby: Sims, you're overreacting.

Reed: Libby, I signed the death certificate. The least I can do is make sure that I'm right. Now let me buy you lunch.

Libby: I can buy lunch.

Reed: No, you can buy dinner.

Libby: What dinner?

Reed: Any dinner. Any time. But tonight's not good because I got tango lessons. And uh, Thursday is basketball, it's a league. But Friday through Tuesday, anything can happen.

[Hotdog Stand]

Reed: I know this place is a little out of the way, but are these not the best hotdogs on Earth?

Libby: Mine's a little blah.

Reed: Because you ordered a turkeydog. I mean, you want flavor, taste, the rush of being a true carnivore, you gotta commit to a membrane full of bull parts. Lips, hooves, noses, whatever. You put sauerkraut and mustard on this baby and you're verging on a religious experience.

Libby: It's fascinating to see your spiritual side.

Reed: Thank you. Okay. Let's just leave the dead wives alone for a second, we got more unsettling issues to deal with. The doctor said that Kilroy never called. Kilroy failed to tell us about his wife's son. These are all things that would be brought up in court.

Libby: Really?

Reed: Yeah.

Libby: Okay. Let's say you're testifying on behalf of the coroner's office.

Reed: I am?

Libby: How did the defendant seem to you on the day in question? Was he intensely distraught? Disoriented? Did he seem on the verge of a breakdown?

Reed: Objection! Leading the witness.

Libby: Sustained. How did Mr. Kilroy seem to you on the morning you arrived on the death scene?

Reed: Intensely distraught, disoriented, on the verge of a breakdown.

Libby: So it's possible given his state and his age that he could have forgotten to call the doctor or misdialed the telephone number?

Reed: Come on. Not even F. Lee Bailey would come up with that.

Libby: Mr. Sims, you stated that Mr. Kilroy attempted to conceal the fact that there were other relatives.

Reed: Yup.

Libby: At any time did you or your brilliant associate Ms. Galante ever ask Mr. Kilroy if he had other relatives?

Reed: No.

Libby: No further questions.


Webber: Maybe sick women turn Kilroy on. I don't know.

Reed: Four wives in thirteen years, okay, if the guy's not a murderer, at the very least he's a jinx.

Detective 2: Serial monogamy is not a crime.

Reed: Yeah, but you've got to admit that there are some things about this death that are worth exploring.

Webber: Some things are explorable, okay? Whether they're worth it or not is a whole other deal. To tell you the truth, Sims, when the guy came in with the story about his sounded good.

Detective 2: We talked to the responding officers. Kilroy told them he woke up and found her around 6am. They got there at 8. Found him clean shaven smelling like Aqua Velva. Now, that's not the first thing I'd do if I found a loved one dead. This seems strange.

Libby: But not illegal.

Webber: See? But not illegal. As we all know, we have had cases where the preponderance of evidence was much bigger than this, and still the jury gave us the (something).

Reed: We got a lot of inconsistencies here, people. This office is going to order an autopsy.

Webber: Do it. Bring us something hard. We'll go after this guy.


Reed: Okay, now we're rolling. We go to the mortuary, we get Mrs. Kilroy back and do an autopsy. And then maybe I get some sleep tonight.

[Mortuary. Libby is on the phone.]

Libby: Sammy. Sammy, listen to me. You can't keep paging me. No. You're scared? Oh, the teacher asked you to sing a part by yourself? That's--that's okay. Oh, hold on for a second honey.

Manny: Where's the pickup?

Reed: Forget the autopsy. They burned her three hours ago.

Manny: Cremated?

Reed: She's gone.


[Bernstein's Office]

Lawyer: You people ordered an autopsy behind my client's back. Whether it took place or not, we have grounds for a suit claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress. And if you make any comment which in any way implicates my client in any wrongdoing, we will sue you for defamation as well.

Bernstein: This office can order an autopsy whenever it deems it necessary. Your attorney knows that.

Kilroy: She died in her sleep. Can't we let her rest in peace?

Lawyer: If you're going to turn this man's tragedy into a nightmare, then you're going to do it in front of the whole city. I'm going to the media with this.

Bernstein: The body is gone, there is no investigation. That will be my statement. There should be no problem with the press or with the insurance companies. That's what this meeting is about, isn't it?


Martha: It's not going on television that has me in a twist. This is the age of fifteen minutes of fame, right?

Libby: Than what?

Martha: I'm not looking for love. Or anything. Listen to me, I sound ridiculous. 'I'm not looking for love.' I don't know what I'm looking for. I wasn't even looking until those silly producers came in here.

Libby: Well, maybe you were and you just didn't realize it until they showed up.

Martha: I don't know why I didn't see this coming. This is why you should not do your own charts.

[Family Room]

Yates: I'd been fighting with my mother about Kilroy since the day she decided to marry him. He was always giving her advice about finances and steering her into what I thought were, well, questionable decisions.

Reed: You suspected he was after her estate.

Yates: And he got it. He has to split the house with me. That must kill him. They read the will this morning.

Reed: Did you see her at all during the past year? What I'm looking for are any physical changes you might have noticed.

Yates: No.

Reed: Okay.

Yates: There's one phone call that really bothered me, though. She was worried about a loss of appetite and nausea. And she said that her vision was off and that every now and then she would see everything in yellow.


Amy: Blurred or colored vision sounds like poisons. If you had a body I could do a full tox screen. I could check for poisons, barbiturates, overdosing of medication, any other trauma. But no body, no booty.

Reed: Thanks, Amy.

Amy: Anytime.


Libby: Yates was given a token. Basically, he was cut out of the will.

Reed: I know.

Libby: Which says a lot. He could be trying to discredit his stepfather with a murder charge just so he could get more leverage in contesting the will--wait a minute, how did you know?

Reed: [Dances around her a little] What's Kilroy's job?

Libby: Why don't you tell me?

Reed: He doesn't need one because he's the beneficiary of four inheritances.

Libby: How'd you get that? You must not have any favors left.

Reed: I got one left. I'm having lunch with detective Webber. He didn't want to come at first. I told him you'd be there. He thinks your kind of cute. So. I need a favor.

[Hot dog Stand]

Webber: These suck.

Reed: Am I the only one who likes this place? Okay Webbie, is LAPD prepared to loose Kilroy?

Webber: LAPD processes, what, a couple of thousand cases a day?

Reed: This guy is laughing at you, man.

Libby: Why are you pushing this?

Reed: I'm not. I'm discussing it informally, unofficially with our good friend Detective Webber.

[Webber puts his hand on Libby's shoulder]

Libby: Your friend?

Reed: Look. Yesterday everybody including you was behind this case. We were going to work the body, we were going to nail Kilroy, who, by the way, he's a shoe in for an Oscar.

Webber: We had him, we lost him. It happens.

Reed: I still think you got a case. He had three other wives, first two he didn't cremate. Why? Learning curve. He got smarter. The first wife is buried in Dayton, Ohio, the second one right here in Lost Angeles. Now who here is not interested in what those autopsies might turn up?

Libby: You're saying exhume the bodies?

Reed: Yeah.


Tiffany: I saw it. He was wearing it.

Dudley: Punk.

Manny: He should get fired for that.

Dudley: Yeah, right, it'll never happen.

Tiffany: That poor kid's soul is out there going, 'some ambulance geek desecrates my body and rips off my necklace. What's up with that?'

Manny: He probably knows by now that everything happens for a reason, so he might just be chillin'.

Tiffany: It's still not right. We have to get it back.

Dudley: She said we. Right?

Manny: How big is this ambulance guy?


Reed: [On the phone] Yeah. We'll have our pathologist call your pathologist. We're getting our court order. Okay. How's business in Dayton? Yeah, don't complain. That's a slow afternoon for us. Okay. I'll get back to you.

Libby: Guess what Kilroy used to do before he retired. He was an estate planner. Perfect place to find your victim.

Reed: Oh, 'victim'? Are we on board all of the sudden? Starting to see a case?

Libby: I'm willing to keep an open mind, and we'll wait to see what the autopsies show.


Reed: Did you have a lot of boyfriends before you were married?

Libby: Enough.

Reed: They ever accuse you of being a person who has difficulty admitting they're...wrong?

Libby: Did you have a lot of girlfriends?

Reed: It was the 80's. What do you think?

Libby: They ever accuse you of being the kind of person who feasts on those rare moments when he thinks he's right?

Reed: No. They were too busy frolicking in the Jacuzzi.

Libby: You never had a Jacuzzi.

Reed: My cousin did!


[Casket is brought up. Dudley takes pictures. The same thing is happening in Ohio.]

[Autopsy Room]

Bernstein: The body is that of an approximately 68 to 70 year old Caucasian woman. Moderate state of postmortem change is consistent with the length of internment. At this time no external signs of trauma. Photographs and x-rays have been taken on this case.

Chan: Y incision cut completed.

Bernstein: I'll take it from here. Removing the sternum. The heart appears to be within limits. Unremarkable. Let's have some tissue samples.

Amy: 600 grams.

Bernstein: Due to the length of internment we're going to need a lot of tissue for the tox screens. Okay, let's harvest the spleen and the liver. Here we go.


[Martha is checking out guys at the park. A young guy runs by smiling at her.]

Guy: Hey.

Martha: Woo. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Other guy: Spare change?


Libby: [Oh the phone] Sammy, I know, I know Daddy didn't pick you up, Grandma told me. Yeah, well, um, he just...he had stuff. Yeah, yeah I know Grandma's car smells pretty bad. No I haven't figured out what that is either. Okay, honey. Me too. Goodnight, baby.

Reed: How long were you and Bobby married for?

Libby: Eight years. I believed him when he said he went to his AA meetings. When he said he wasn't seeing anyone else. When he said that the girls were his first priority, and that the divorce wouldn't affect that.

Reed: [Absently] I still can't believe he let someone like you go...[Realizes he's said that out loud.] Oh, am I sorry. I wasn't trying to start anything.

Libby: Whoa--How--How did this conversation get so damn personal? We have work to do here.

Reed: You started it.

Libby: Me?

Reed: You.

Libby: I started it!? When?

Reed: This morning. You--you walk on in here 7:40, 7:45, you say...'hey, Sims, how's it going?'

Bernstein: The toxicology came in on both exhumations. Nothing unusual. No poison. I ran it twice just to be sure. Looks like Kilroy beat us.



Reed: It just shot into my brain, four am. Wake up, Reed!

Libby: Did it also say 'wake up Libby?'

Reed: I knew it was a great idea. It's the only idea we got left. I just figured I'd run it by you.

Libby: Couldn't you have waited until, like, seven? Or even six?

Reed: I get an idea, I get excited.

Libby: Oh, God.

Reed: What?

Libby: This is something you do all the time, isn't it?

Reed: I'm sure it won't happen again now that I know how cranky you get.

Libby: Oh, stop it. I hope you have kids some day, then you'll appreciate how precious sleep is.

Reed: I plan on having at least three.

Libby: I still don't see how we're going to get back into the Kilroy house. Does Bernstein know about this?

Reed: Unofficial. It's not a search. The house is for sale. We're just going to go there with one of the owners and take a look at it.

Libby: What if Kilroy shows up?

Reed: Bummer. He's not going to show. Yates told him he was dropping by to pick up some of his mother's things. He doesn't want that confrontation.

Libby: This whole thing is very iffy.

Reed: What's the alternative? We don't find anything at that house, our man skates. He just goes out and does it again.


[They search the house.]

Reed: [To a picture of Kilroy] Wipe that smile off your face. I'm going to get you.

Libby: I think he moved out.

Reed: Look at this name. How do we know this person?

Libby: Tootie Rose.

Reed: The gravestone.

Both: The daughter.

Reed: Okay, okay. Why is she calling Kilroy?

Libby: The exhumation.

Reed: I guess not everybody thinks he's a killer.

Libby: He knows.

Reed: He didn't move, he ran.

Libby: He could be out of the country by now. He could be anywhere.

Reed: Have the LAPD check it out--Call Webber. Call Webber.

Libby: Right. Okay. Great. Sims.

Reed: Yeah?

Libby: What exactly do I tell Webber when he asks what we've got here?

Reed: What do you mean what have we got? We've got--Tell him--We're hot, on a new lead and that we're just trying to piece together the final details. S'not a lie.

Libby: I just want to throw this out here, but this is--big exposure here.

Reed: Don't worry. This house is going to tell us everything that we need to know.

Libby: I can sell that.

Reed: Alright.

Libby: Yeah.

Reed: Oh boy.

[Studio, Outside]

Martha: Hello, I'm Martha Hayes, I'm going to be on the Terry Gallagher show. I was told to re--Oh, okay. Thank you for your help. So much for the red carpet treatment.

[Studio, Inside]

Producer: This is where we do the actual show, and you'll be sitting right over here.

Martha: I'm sorry. I--I can't do this.

Producer: Wait, you can't leave now. We're taping.

Martha: I thought that I could but I can't.

Producer: If it's just nerves we can get you some chamomile tea--Or a muscle relaxant!

[Studio, outside]

Older man: Where are they doing the Terry Gallagher show? I'm on in twenty minutes. Thank you.

Martha: What the hell.

[Kilroy House]

Libby: Hey, Sims, we got it. LAPD's tracking Kilroy, he's booked on a flight to France tonight. However, Webber wants to know whatever we got now.

Reed: [Long pause] I've got to clear my head.


Libby: Wow. Great backyard. Your mother did a beautiful job.

Yates: She hated gardening. This is all Kilroy.

Libby: Don't worry. We will go back through everything if we have to, okay?

Yates: You're doing all you can. I appreciate it.

Reed: You guys are going to think I'm nuts. Over there, those shrubs.

Libby: Yeah?

Reed: Those are those plants that your mother told you to stay away from when you were a kid. Uh, do you know anything about plants?

Libby: Only that in my house they die if you give them too much water. Or too little water. Or just the right amount of water.

Reed: Oleander. This is oleander. It's poisonous. Look at the bases. He built a trough, he was cultivating these things.

Libby: Did we test for this?

Reed: No.

Libby: But--

Reed: What do you think? He just chopped them up and put them in a salad?

Libby: Tea. He used to give her her medicine with tea.


Libby: Looks like a week's worth of dirty dishes. This is one time where I don't mind that most men are slobs. Hey, hey. Oleander residue on this one, I bet.

Reed: We hope. Yeah, Sims for Bernstein, right away please. We've got to make sure that Amy has enough material to do some more toxicology.

Libby: Okay.

Reed: And we've got to get Dayton started on this. Sergeant, we're back in business.

[Office, Hallway, Manny runs in with the paramedics.]

Manny: I don't know what's wrong. The guy just spaced out, tongue flopping around, eyeballs rolling. Then he goes down, I couldn't even get a pulse. He's right in here.

[Autopsy Room]

Reno: Okay, we got it, make some room.

[Dudley is flopping around on the floor. He reaches up and snatches the necklace off, then lies still for a few seconds.]

Dudley: Whoa. That was weird.

[Another Room. Dudley gives Tiffany the necklace.]

Tiffany: Thanks. You guys are the greatest.


Terry: Alright, Mr. Hildebrand. We've heard all about your secret crush. We all know what you're going to do about it, right? Are you going to pine away in the shadows or come forward and sweep this woman off her feet?

Hildebrand: I'm not sure I'm ready.

Terry: Well, ready or not, turn around and meet the object of your hidden affection, Martha Hayes. Could this be the start of something big, or the end to a perfect fantasy? We'll be right back to find out.

[Bernstein's office. Everyone is watching.]

Amy: She doesn't like him

Tiffany: I think she does.

Manny: I think she's just nervous.

Tiffany: Yeah, maybe.

Manny: Yeah.


Hildebrand: This is embarrassing.

Martha: You're telling me.

Hildebrand: No, I mean really embarrassing. You're not the one. You're not my secret crush.

Martha: I'm the one is the baggy sweats and the Dodger hat.

Hildebrand: Lakers hat. I said Lakers hat.

Martha: Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Hildebrand: No.

Martha: Neither have I. Are we really going to let a small detail like a hat jeopardize an all expense paid vacation?

Hildebrand: Could be interesting.

Martha: Could be more than that, but interesting is a good start.

Hildebrand: I won't tell anybody if you won't.

Martha: Smile. I think we're coming on again.

[Office. Reed is pacing up and down.]

Bernstein: Long term ingestion of oleander produces an excessive profile of cardial glycosides, similar to the drug Dajoxin which we use for heart patients. Too much, however, can cause cardiac arrest.

Libby: Why didn't we find it on the first pass?

Bernstein: Ah, because it's undetectable. You have to test specifically for oleander--Sims!

Reed: Hm?

Bernstein: Pacing is not going to make things go any faster.

Reed: Vernon Kilroy is on his way to LAX to board a plane for France, LAPD is waiting on us. Pacing is the only thing that keeps me from going down there and strangling the guy.

[Family Room]

Lorena: Now I can put it on him.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Lorena: Am I allowed to do that?

Tiffany: I think the mortuary would be okay with that. But you know, here's something else you might do. Keep it. And wear it yourself. To remember your brother.

Lorena: You think?

Tiffany: I think Tony would be happy to see you wearing something that meant so much to both of you. Once you pass through you don't need a lot of things.


Chan: Is this toxicology watch? How soon?

[Everyone shrugs]

Bernstein: Well If I had known everybody was going to wait I would have cooked something.

Amy: Oleander. Date and confirmed. We got the bastard.

[Everyone cheers. Reed and Libby hug.]

Reed: That was great. We nailed him.

Libby: No, you--you did it--you really brought it all in. You-- I've--got to go. I've got to go home.

Reed: Yeah. Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.

Libby: Yeah. Goodnight. Night.

Reed: Okay. Good. Good day. I've gotta call Webber to arrest Kilroy at the airport.

Chan: Good night, Dr. Bernstein.

Bernstein: Good night, Dr. Chan.

[Libby's House, Outside]

Libby: So how was school today, huh?

Sammy: It was okay. But I'm still afraid to sing.

Libby: You're afraid to sing? No you're not. That's okay. You'll be able to sing whenever you're ready. I got an idea though. You know what? It's really quiet out here and I bet if we sing really quietly nobody will hear us. Want to do it? 'Somewhere over the rainbow...' Come on.


‘Way up high,

There's a land that I heard of

Once in a lullaby’


‘Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue'

[Hildebrand puts his arm around Martha.]

'And the dreams that you dare to dream

Really do come true.’

[Reed driving.]


'Some day I'll wish upon a star

And wake up where the clouds are far behind me

Where troubles melt like lemondrops

Away above the chimney tops

That's where you'll find me'

[Libby remembers hugging Reed]


'Somewhere over the rainbow

Bluebirds fly

Birds fly over the rainbow

Why then, oh why can't I? '

[Reed smiles.]