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Episode Number: 5
First Aired: Saturday June 7, 1997
Writer: Harris Goldberg
Director: Tom McLoughlin


[A woman is crying]

Reed: Martha, I got you a little something for your trip.

Martha: Reed--

Reed: I wore it to my first luau, now you can wear it to yours. Huh? You going to LAX from here?

Martha: Reed. [nods to the crying woman.]

Reed: Thank you.

Martha: Thank you.

[A very beautiful woman (Penny) walks in. Reed stares at her.]

Penny: Can you help me?

Reed: I can do that.

Penny: My husband is dead. I'm here to retrieve his belongings.

Reed: I'm sorry about your husband. Sure. This is Martha, our property clerk. [He turns around and Martha is gone.] 'Kay. She'll be back in a second. Um. Why don't you have a seat?

[She sits down next to the crying woman]

Penny: Are you alright?

Crying Woman: No, my husband just passed away.

Penny: Oh, honey, I know.

Reed: Can I get you anything?

Penny: My husband and I were married for twelve years, and then on a business trip he just...died.

CW: My darling died in my arms. We were making love.

Penny: Ohh.

Martha: I'm sorry I took so long Mrs. Maxil.

CW and Penny: Thank you.

Martha: ...Mrs. Joe Maxil.

CW and Penny: Yes.

[Everyone looks confused.]



Libby: You're saying he was married to both of these women at the same time?

Reed: He live with one in (something) the other in Redondo Beach.

Libby: Oh.

Reed: Imagine the sets of tires this guy must have burned.

Libby: Any kids?

Reed: Yeah, six. Three with each of them.

Libby: Bastard.

Reed: Yeah. Now he's got both of his widows upstairs. They refuse to leave. What do we say to them?

Libby: We?

Manny: Hey, how about them Dodgers?

Reed: Manny, huh? We got a team this year, baby. [They bump chests, Manny and Libby high five. Manny starts coughing.]

Libby: You okay.

Reed and Manny: Show me the pennant, show me the pennant.

[Reed and Libby leave. Manny keeps coughing, then runs into the bathroom to throw up.]


CW: I'd kill him if he wasn't dead already. I would buy a gun and shoot him.

Libby: Believe me, I understand.

CW: Is that mannequin still here?

Libby: The question of next of kin needs to be settled before we release your husband or his property.

CW: This isn't going to be settled. He's gone. My whole life has been a lie.

Libby: No it's hasn't. Your children are not a lie. How old are they?

CW: Ten, eight, and six, all boys.

[Family Room]

Penny: All girls. Eleven, nine, and seven. What am I supposed to tell them?

Reed: I wouldn't tell them anything yet. Their father has died. Deal with that.

Penny: Their father the bigamist. And by the way, that bitch is not getting his Rolex! I gave it to him!

Reed: There is a way to work this out. You both just need to go home, relax, and get your bearings.


CW: I am not leaving.

[Family Room]

Penny: Not a chance in Hell.

[Hallway. It's crowded and busy.]

Chan: Have you lost your mind with this autopsy scheduling?

Bernstein: No, I've simply increased my confidence in you.

Chan: Have you also increased my salary?

Bernstein: Nothing is going to spoil my mood today, Doctor Chan. My youngest boy is going off to Oxford tomorrow morning.

Chan: Peter?

Bernstein: Yes, Pete. The same one I had to practically sit on to get him to read has been excepted to Oxford. Dudley, that weekend off that you requested, is it an emergency?

Dudley: I wouldn't have asked for it if I didn't need it, Doctor Bernstein...

Bernstein: You better do better than that. This is turning out to be a box-office weekend for us. We need you.

Tiffany: [to a dead body] Don't worry, we'll try and get you--

Chan: Lay off the chitchat today, okay, we're behind and we haven't even started. The first case up is 97122.

Tiffany: That's you. Don't worry, she's a little cranky but she does a great job. Come on, Dudley is going to take your picture.

[Manny is pushing a body. He's pale and sick looking. He runs into Amy.]

Manny: Oh, I'm sorry, Amy.

Amy: This place has more traffic than the 405 today. I'm fine.

Dudley: Whoa, you gotta lay off those late night tacos, birdman. What's up?

Martha: Manny, you don't look good. You're burning up. You've got a fever.

Tiffany: I'll take over your cases. You want to go home?

Manny: No, no, I can't leave you guys, it's too busy.

Dudley: You're not going to bail on me tomorrow, are you?

Manny: I'll be there.

Dudley: Alright. Okay.

Tiffany: We have to get inside. You go lay down, Manny.

[Autopsy Room]

Chan: Why is it 90 degrees in here?

Bernstein: It's not. Doctor Chan, are you coming down with something?

Chan: Yes, a bad case of stress and fatigue. I have three doctors today and eighteen autopsies. Actually, I have four doctors today.

[Later, Chan and Bernstein are doing autopsies.]

Bernstein: I had a reservation at the Ivy. Pete wanted to stay home. Wanted to have one last home cooked meal by his dad.

Chan: Doctor Bernstein. look at this. Pedestrian versus auto. Look at his extremities. Small ulcerations on the legs, enlarged nodes of drainage, pulpy and plumb colored, just beginning to rupture. And look at these.

Bernstein: Insect bites, huh? Fleas, maybe lice.

Chan: Infected bites, and his femoral and inguinal lymph nodes are enlarged.

Bernstein: Good God.

Chan: Without a culture--

Bernstein: I don't need a culture. This is Bacillus Y Pestis and we're standing too close. Who is he?

Chan: Um. John Doe 97--

Bernstein: Shut up. Isolate this case immediately. We are in trouble, Doctor Chan.

[Bernstein hits the Biohazard Emergency Button. Alarms go off.]

Bernstein: Doctor Chan and I have discovered a situation that must be dealt with immediately, and I need to be blunt. It appears that we have all be exposed to a possible plague. The exact type, we can’t be sure. It could be a form of bubonic plague. Which--which I believe is treatable.

Libby: You believe is treatable?

Reed: How could we have been exposed?

Chan: John Doe 97122.

Martha: Just how serious is this?

Bernstein: We are in contact with the health department and have procedures to keep the dangers to a minimum. But from this moment on, for the next 48 hours we are all under quarantine.

Dudley: I can’t be.

Tiffany: I have a date tonight.

Martha: I’m supposed to go to Hawaii tonight.

Libby: Are you talking about the black plague?

Reed: How is it transmitted?

Chan: Infected flees and lice, usually from ground squirrels or rats. Person to person transmission is airborne.

Bernstein: All it takes is one infected flee. As the body cools the fleas leave to find another warm host, which in this case is us. 48 hours from now, God willing, the incubation period will pass and we will all be fine. But until then, no one leaves, no one enters. We’re shutting down the ventilation systems., sealing this place as a precautionary measure. We are all in this together.

Amy: Are we going to be okay? [Reed hugs her. The vents shut off. Everything is taped off with orange biohazard tarps. Reed tells CW and Penny that they can’t leave.]

[Bernstein’s Office]

Bernstein: I have 32 people counting civilians who need immediate inoculation. I don’t know if it’s contained. Of course I’m going to check the other cases. Just bring us the damn streptomycin! The last thing I need is people dropping dead in the coroner’s office! The health department is going to trip the CDC, get them in on the case.

Chan: Who’s taking over our cases?

Bernstein: Riverside Ventura county, the local morgue will handle the rest.

Chan: We’ve got earthquake supplies for food, blankets, and water.

Bernstein: Yeah, I can cook.

Chan: I’ll start an inoculation and temperature chart and Amy needs to run a blood culture on everyone.

Bernstein: What?

Dudley: Doctor Bernstein?

Bernstein: Yes?

Dudley: Um, I need to leave. I asked for the weekend off.

Bernstein: Whatever it is Dudley, it doesn’t matter. You think we’re doing this as a drill? You think we’re doing this as an exercise? You’re not leaving. No one is leaving.

Dudley: What, are you going to stop me?

Chan: He’s not going to leave.

Bernstein: He’s not going to be a hell of a lot of fun either.

Chan: You’re going to miss your son’s sendoff.

Bernstein: Yep, I know. Were you able to get in touch with Michael?

Chan: Yes. His mother is visiting from Changhai. He’s accused me of staging this. I don’t know. My mother In law, the plague? Tough choice.

Bernstein: Listen, Doctor Chan, we have to discuss what would happen if one of us got sick.

Chan: What if we both got sick? We were well within three feet of that host.

Bernstein: Where are Sims and Galante on the body? Do we know where it originated?


Libby: 14301 San Pedro, it’s close to Olympic. White male John Doe hit by a car while crossing the street. The driver was questioned and released.

Reed: Okay, everyone at that scene needs to be quarantined and started on treatment. Who worked it from our end?

Libby: Nelson and Castillo.

Reed: Nelson and Castillo. Okay, they’re off today. Better notify cops and paramedics and any good Samaritan that got near that body.

Libby: Right.

Reed: Who transported it?

Libby: Manny. He came in at 11:30.

Reed: Manny?

Libby: He wasn’t looking too good this morning.

Bernstein: Galante?

Reed: [On the phone] Nelson? Hey. You sitting down?

Bernstein: Where are we?

Libby: Manny logged him in last night at 11:30.

Bernstein: Okay, good, we’re within the 24 hour period. That means this can be contained. Alright, your job is to find out who he is, where he came from, and who else he had contact with that last two days of his life.

Libby: What about our families? If Manny was exposed, I saw him last night, I went home, I kissed my girls twenty times. I could have exposed them, right?

Bernstein: I’m afraid so.

Libby: I need to be with them, Doctor Bernstein.

Bernstein: You can’t.

Libby: No, you don’t understand.

Bernstein: No, I do understand. I’m sorry. You can’t leave this building. Your daughters are going to have to be checked by their pediatrician. My sons, my wife, they’ve been to the doctor, I’m going to tell everybody else in the building they’re going to have to do the same with their families. Now, where’s Manny?

[Lab. Manny is sweating and shaking.]


[Outside. A big danger sign is put on the door to the coroner’s office.]

News: We’re live in downtown Los Angeles. Reports of an outbreak of bubonic plague inside the coroner’s office have not yet been confirmed, but sources on the inside tell us this is a very serious situation. In fact, people are --


Tiffany: Hey, what sources? None of you guys better be talking to the press.

Dudley: [On the phone] How’s dad doing? Are you keeping Max away from him? The last thing he needs is a two year old in his face. I’m sorry about this, mom.

Libby: [On the phone] Bobby. I just--I need you to take the girls to the doctor. Right. Can you call me from the car? And Bobby-- Thanks.

Amy: [On the phone] Honey, if you’re there, pick up the phone. I’ve paged you a couple of times. Where are you? When you get home...turn on the TV.

Tiffany: What’s going on?

Reed: Someone taped Manny inside.

[Reed starts untaping the Lab door]

Libby: Wait a minute, we should wait for the doctors.

Reed: We’ve already been exposed. It doesn’t matter.

Dudley: Is Manny okay?

Reed: He doesn’t look okay to me.

Chan: How long has be been in there? Wait. I’ll alert the hospital, arrange for transport.

Libby: Wait, are you saying he has the plague?

Dudley: He won’t go to a hospital.

Bernstein: He needs treatment, Dudley.

Chan: If he’s infected, if they start the streptomycin soon--

Dudley: He’s a Christian Scientist.

Chan: Who’s a Christian Scientist?

Dudley: Manny. He’s never been to a doctor in his life.

Chan: Manny is a Christian Scientist?

Bernstein: Alright, so he won’t go to the hospital, but what about treatment? He needs it.

Dudley: I don’t know.

Chan: He’s been to a dentist, hasn’t he? He had a headache last week, he asked me for an aspirin.

Dudley: I don’t--I don’t know! I just know he doesn’t believe in doctors.

Tiffany: What about friends? He needs help, he’s freezing. [Tiffany pushes her way inside.]


Tiffany: Manny...

Manny: I want to go home.

Tiffany: You can’t go home. We’re going to take care of you.

Manny: Where’s Dudley?

Dudley: [From outside] How you doing, buddy?

Manny: Hey, big D. Come here, I got--

Dudley: What do you need, Tiffany?

Tiffany: Get me some water and blankets, some towels. And a bucket.

Bernstein: Dudley, I’m glad you decided to stay with us.

Chan: The body was warm with Nelson and Castillo, cooling with Manny. I need to know if he has an insect bites. Are we allowed to examine him?

Bernstein: Absolutely. But not as physicians. As friends. And I need to get a blood screening. Tell me, how many of you have had direct contact with Manny in the last 24 hours [nearly everyone raises their hands.]

[Bathroom. Libby is washing her hands.]

Chan: I think they’re clean by now.

Libby: Is Manny going to be okay?

Chan: Ask Martha. Or God.

Libby: Reed says you’re finishing the autopsy.

Chan: Actually, I’m excited by it. The chance to work on somebody with the bubonic plague makes me a happy camper.

Libby: Serial killers blow my skirt back.

Chan: I look like crap.

Libby: Why did I think this job would be safer than being a cop?

Chan: You should have been here last year. We had a TB outbreak. Then there’s AIDS, hepatitis, meningitis. We don’t exactly work in a sterile envi--[she bends over, almost throwing up] Wrong morning to skip breakfast.


Martha: As far as I can tell he married one for sex and one for show.

Reed: And they’re both at each other’s throats?

Martha: And I have about had it. One way or another, we may have a crime scene on our hands.

Reed: You get a hold of Bobby?

Libby: Yeah, he’s taking care of everything.

Reed: Can he take care of this? Get us an ID on our John Doe?

Libby: Somebody knows this guy, we just need to get his face out in the public

Reed: I’d love to do that, but his face was left at the scene of the accident.

Libby: What about his arms, hands, can we get some prints?

Reed: We got arms, we got hands, we even got a tattoo. Dudley got a pretty good shot of it and I just faxed it out there, so maybe somebody will recognize it.

Libby: I’ll get started on his property. You know, Bobby looked up the bubonic plague on the internet. Did you know that LA had the largest outbreak in US history. 1924.

Reed: That makes sense. We’ve got a lot of rats in this city.

Libby: Wait a minute. Last year a 32 year old guy goes hiking with his dog up in the San Gabriel Mountains, that was a Sunday, on Monday he thinks he’s got the flu. Friday he’s dead.

Reed: Libby. We’re going to be okay.

Libby: How do you know that. We don’t know that.

Reed: I do.

Libby: Why? Because you say so? Because you’re mister happy all the time? ‘World’s great! Look at the trees! Look at the sunset!’ If we were getting nuked you’d have a party!

Reed: Well, I wouldn’t serf the ‘net looking for disaster stories.

Libby: Yeah? Well at least he cares.


Bernstein: Bubonic plague, also known as bubonic apestis, also known as black death. It’s a highly invasive frequently fatal systemic infection. Other forms of plague include gnomonic plague, septicemic plague, the less common form pharyngeal and plague meningitis. Symptomology includes fever and chills, restlessness, delirium, confusion, lack of coordination, massive proliferation of the organisms, lymph node enlargement, pneumonia, blood vessels with hemorrhage and thrombosis, and often the bubas become open soars. Treatment must begin within 24 hours. Injections of streptomycin at six hour intervals for seven days, temperature taken every six hours. A cough, not prominent initially, develops within 20 to 24 hours. Without treatment, if this is the bubonic plague, there is a 60 percent mortality rate, most deaths occurring from sepsis within three to five days.

[Chan, doing the autopsy, begins coughing.]

Libby: [on the phone] is it possible for a homeless person to get food stamps without a fixed address? No, don’t put me on hold!

Reed: [Taking his own temperature] 98.6. Hey, did you get a hold of Hildebrand?

Martha: We had our first fight. I want him to still go. He won’t do it.

Amy: Martha, you’re up next.

Reed: Good man. So how about your kids?

Martha: Three down, four to go. Your family?

Reed: My family’s right here.

Martha: How’s Amy doing?

Reed: Steamrolling along, but I tell you, she’s got to be freaking out.

Martha: What about the jerk?

Reed: Ah, the jerk that will impregnate her but won’t marry her. No, he hasn’t called.

Libby: Alright, look, there’s a telephone number on this dollar bill, 782 something.

Reed: Yeah, I saw that, but, you know, that could have been done by anyone anytime anywhere. Martha?

Martha: I’m not feeling anything. This plague has me all out of whack.

Reed: Yeah.

Bernstein: [On speakerphone] Where are we?

Reed: All the personnel off the scene have been notified and quarantined. We’re working it, boss.

Bernstein: Work faster.

Reed: Yeah.

Bernstein: Oh, by the way, I made some pasta if anyone is hungry.

Martha: Please tell me there is more of this.

Reed: I think we’ll all starve before we eat his cooking.

[Bernstein’s office]

Bernstein: [On the phone] Hi, son. Yeah. Oh, no, I’m fine, really. Listen, I want you to know that when that plane takes off tomorrow all my pride and all my love is with you. Yeah. I know we’re going to see each other, the holidays come around pretty soon. I just want to see you now. Yeah. Oh, no. No, we’re fine. Really. Tell me, did you bring something to read? It’s a long flight.


Manny: Why is everyone acting so strange?

Tiffany: How do you feel about going to the hospital, Manny?

Manny: I need to pray.

Tiffany: We can pray.

Manny: Am I going to die?

Tiffany: No, you’re not going to die.


Reed: We got over 300 leads on that tattoo, we got nothing positive though.

Libby: I still think the dollar bill means something. The number on it means something.

Penny: I was married to him first. That makes your marriage to Joe illegal, immoral, and criminal.

CW: But obviously necessary. Have you stopped and asked yourself why, huh? Have you?

Reed: Hey!

Libby: You’re not allowed down here.

Penny: We want our husband.

CW: And then we want out of here. I want his property--

Penny: I want his property!

CW: You can have his body!

Penny: You were the one who killed him!

CW: That passion of our love killed him.

[They take a couple swings at each other. CW punches Penny in the face.]

CW: And that nose job was for free.

Chan: I...have the results on our John Doe if anyone is interested.



Bernstein: Would you please take her up to my office and I’ll be there in a minute.

Chan: Okay, our John Doe, cause of death was blunt trauma to the skull. There was evidence of regional lymph node involvement. The lungs were antamatis (something) with advanced bronchial pneumonia, and a small hemorrhagical component.

Reed: Did he have the plague or not?

Chan: Yes. But I don’t think he was homeless.

Libby: Why?

Chan: Stomach contents. His last meal was Fillet Mignon, rice pilaf and asparagus. How is Manny doing?

Bernstein: Doctor Thompson found no evidence of insect bites, but he’s dehydrated, he’s experiencing great stomach pains, and there’s still no word on his blood test. Tell us more about our John Doe.

Chan: He had five grand worth of dental work, some laser surgery to correct his myopia, and...this.

Reed: He had a rug?

Chan: It was so convincing I almost overlooked it. Last but not least, and you can all thank me for this later, I found a metal plate in his right temporal area.

Reed: Oh, can I kiss you now? Do you have a serial number?

Chan: An enlargement of the section, the number is readable. I believe he had some kind of brain surgery, I’d say ten years ago.

Reed: We’re on it. Not that I care.


Reed: [On the phone] We don’t have 72 hours. We’re not getting anything from the tattoo. Look, we think the plate was put in the guy’s head about ten years ag--[Chan gives him a shot] ...ago. Well, I think that narrows it down

Libby: [On the phone] Believe me, I know it’s the middle of the night. Well, it’s 80 percent auburn with dashes of brown. No, I don’t know what kind of brown it is. What kind of browns do you have?

Reed: Do you have anything to eat? I’m starving. Gum? Breath mints? Something. I’ve got to put something in my mouth or--[Chan sticks a thermometer in his mouth.]

Chan: Be right back.

Reed: You really enjoy that, don’t you?

Libby: [Showing him the dollar bill] Does that look like a three or an eight to you?

Reed: You’re mistaking me for someone who cares.

Libby: Sims, I know you care. You care.

Reed: Do you know what I just realized? [into the phone] Yeah? No. That’s why I’m calling you, because I got nothing off the plates and I got--Of course I’ll wait, I’ve got nowhere to go.

Libby: [Into the phone] Yeah, manufacturers number is T as in Tom A D B as in boy. Right. Okay.

Reed: You know what I just realized?

Libby: What?

Reed: We’re spending the night together.

Libby: We’re spending the night in the same place.

[Bernstein’s Office]

Penny: I can’t believe that cow actually hit me.

Bernstein: Would you be still? I haven’t worked on anything that’s moved for twenty years. If you want me to do this just be still.

Penny: Are you married?

Bernstein: Yes.

Penny: To one woman?

Bernstein: Of course.

Penny: Do you love her?

Bernstein: Very much.

Penny: Can you imagine if she had a husband you didn’t know anything about? Another life you didn’t know anything about?


Chan: Any results yet on the blood?

Amy: We’ll know in the morning.

Chan: Place like this, you see the same faces every day, you nod, you say hello, but you concentrate on the work.

Amy: Your eyes are glassy. You’re burning up. Have you been taking your temperature?

Chan: I’m the one who does the examining around here.

Amy: You’re also the one that could be contagious.

Chan: I’m fine.

Amy: Take some advise. Go see Doctor Bernstein. Have him check you out.


Dudley: I didn’t know you smoked.

Martha: Dudley. Only at night to relax. And I don’t inhale.

Dudley: Can I bum a cigarette off you?

Martha: You smoke?

Dudley: Tonight I do. I got the next batch of streptomycin. And something for Tiffany.

Martha: How’s your father?

Dudley: The cancer spread everywhere. We were supposed to watch the fight tomorrow night. Manny was going to baby-sit Max. I let them both down, Martha.

Martha: This is a god awful activity.

Dudley: When we get out of here, how are you going to celebrate?

Martha: I was thinking about all my unfulfilled fantasies. And I have always wanted to go skydiving.

Dudley: Really?

Martha: Uh-huh.

Dudley: Cool.


[Libby is dozing off in a chair. She looks up to see Reed taking off his shirt.]

Reed: Hi.

Libby: Hi.

Reed: I’ve been thinking about us.

Libby: About us?

Reed: I think you’re afraid.

Libby: Go on.

Reed: Everything’s a risk. Crossing the street. Driving a car. Kissing Katie and Sammy. Kissing me.

[They kiss]

Reed: I must be dreaming.

[Libby jerks awake]

Reed: You were snoring.

Libby: Sorry.

Reed: Don’t need to be sorry. It’s a sound. Not a crime or a sin. Just a noise.

[Libby bursts into hysterical laughter.]

Reed: You ready to get back to work?


Amy: [To her stomach] Your daddy will call. He’ll call.


News: We’re back live in downtown Los Angeles. County sources tell us that employees are waking up inside the building after a hot, restless night...

Tiffany: Those sources again.

News: In fact, they’ve been cooped up in there for almost 24 hours. The coroner’s office has not yet been able to identify the carrier of the plague, but we do have this bit of information. This picture. It is of the leg or rather the arm, of bubonic John Doe. That’s the carrier of the plague, the person who came into the coroner’s office and started this entire sequence of events. One of the few pieces of information we have at this point. As soon as we get more, we’ll get back to you.


[Chan takes Manny’s blood pressure.]


CW: You know, when Joey and I fell in love, I thought, ‘wow, finally, an even break.’ Now I might die of bubonic plague. What is this? Why is God picking on me?

Amy: Hey, life’s an equal opportunity bastard, alright? Everybody around here got dealt a crappy hand yesterday. Now get over it and calm down.

CW: I can’t. I’m claustrophobic. And I don’t give a damn about your stupid quarantine. I’ve got to get out of here.

Martha: Hush, hush, hush, quiet. The more you talk, the more chance the virus has to enter your system.

Amy: She’s just worried about her husband’s property, I think that’s it.

Martha: Oh, would you like to see it?

CW: Oh, yes.

Martha: It’s right in here. Careful. Now just right through the gate here. To your right, and way at the back there.

[Martha locks the gate.]

CW: Hey!

Martha: I’m sorry, darling, but you’re a problem that calls for extreme action.

CW: You cannot leave me in here like this! Where are you going!? Come back here!

[Bernstein’s Office]

Bernstein: Come on in. Come on.

[everyone slowly edges their way inside.]

Bernstein: Come on. Come on, come on. Come in. You’re doing very good work, people, very good work, all of you.

Reed: Thanks.

Bernstein: Well, it looks like we’re closing in on patient 0. This is good news. So. Anybody hungry?

Reed: What is it?

Bernstein: Well, we’ve got vegetable soup, biscuits, an embarrassing spinach salad, but there’s only so much I could do.

Libby: Oh, I don’t care what it has in it, I have to have one.

Bernstein: Whoa, stop. What is that supposed to mean? You don’t care what it has in it. Would you please tell me, why doesn’t anybody eat my food?

Libby: Oh, man. This is the best biscuit I’ve ever had.

Bernstein: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Well if it takes the bubonic plague for people to eat my food, so be it.


Reed: [on the phone] I know he died six years ago, so we’re thinking he preformed the surgery before that.

Libby: [on the phone] It’s a key, detective. No, I don’t know what kind of key. What? You want the damn key? Great. I will give you the damn key. You'll have it in thirty seconds. I can't believe it.

Reed: Motor down, girl.

Libby: Why are our butts on the line? What are the cops doing? You know, they say that they've canvassed the neighborhood, but they can't find one witness. Crazy. It's crazy. [She tries to make a copy of the key but the machine won't work.] Hello?

Reed: Come on. Stretch your legs.

Libby: No. Fine. I think that's fine. Yeah. [Reed reloads the machine and it works.]


Libby: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Tiffany: It's okay. There's nothing to be sorry about. It's insulin.

Libby: Oh.

Tiffany: I'm a diabetic. I just keep it to myself because I don't want people to treat me different.

Libby: Why don't you stop talking to the dead? [Tiffany looks hurt] I'm sorry. If you want to talk to the dead you just go right ahead and talk. It's really none of my business.

Tiffany: Do you ever talk to yourself?

Libby: All the time.

Tiffany: Is that normal?

Libby: Probably not.


Reed: [on the phone] I'm not sure it was done at Cedar Sinai, that's why I'm asking you to check your records.

Libby: [on the phone] Then check them again. No, no, you're not going to call me back.

Reed: I don't want to hold. I don't--Look, you...hold. Coroner's Office, Sims. Hey. How you doin'? Good. Yeah. She's sitting right here. Hold on a second.

Libby: Yeah?

Reed: Sammy, line two.

Libby: [on the phone] Yeah, look, I have to put you on hold for a second. No, don't you dare hang up! Don't hang--Jerk! Damn! Hi, sweetie. Yeah. Oh, no, Mommy's okay. No, really, I promise, I'm fine. Yeah. You know what, honey? Why don't you put Daddy on the phone? What are you doing, Bobby? What are you doing, watching the news with her? Have you ever heard of toys or reading books? You're such a moron sometimes--He hung up on me. He--Oh, God.

Reed: And that's funny?

Libby: I'm losing it. I'm completely losing it. [On the phone] Bobby? Hi. Yeah, I'm sorry. It's just getting really tough. Yeah. I deserved it. No, I know you take good care of her. Yeah. Yeah, me too. No, I know. I know you're doing great.

[Reed slams his phone down, seemingly upset at Libby apologizing to Bobby.]


[Chan throws up]



Martha: I came back and she was gone.

Bernstein: What do you mean she was gone? Martha, you left a key.

Martha: It was in my desk drawer.

Reed: She used this to pull the desk over. What's she been doing, watching reruns of Macgyver? We've been working our butts off trying to contain this thing, she may be out infecting this whole city.

Bernstein: Martha, would you explain something to me? This psychic ability of yours, you couldn't see this coming?

Martha: No, sir. But I do have a feeling she's somewhere on Melrose.

Bernstein: Notify the police. Let's search the building.

[Libby sees Penny standing in the hallway outside of the refrigerator.]


Tiffany: I know, it's going to be fine. I have to go back with Manny now, but why don't you just say what's in your heart. It might help. You never know.

CW: Okay. You're a pig. Your turn.

Penny: Well, if you were alive I'd throw your butt in jail. Right now I'm just trying to deal with three little girls who lost their Daddy.

CW: Three little boys, too. I still don't know why, Joey, and I'm never going to forgive you. But that doesn't change the fact that I loved you. So I'm going to keep the good things about us in my heart.

Penny: And the rest of you can go to Hell.


Libby: We found Penny.

Reed: We found our John Doe.

Libby: What?

Reed: Cedars found our serial number match. That's him. Frank Garziak.

Libby: That's him right there?

Reed: You got it. Patient zero.

Libby: Found him.

Reed: Yeah, okay. So we've got to figure out his last 48 hours. They're working it from the outside, what can we do? Can't check the meat in his stomach.

Libby: Not that we'd want to.

Reed: Food stamps are worthless.

Libby: Tattoo.

Reed: Phone number on the dollar bill.

Libby: The key.


Tiffany: When I was in high school I had a fever of 105. I thought I saw all these little ants carrying a piano across the floor.

Dudley: Hey, Manny.

Manny: Dudley, hi. I think I can still baby-sit tomorrow.

Dudley: It is tomorrow, birdman. You've been out of it, man. You had us worried.

Amy: Guess what? Manny, you don't have the plague. You just have the flu, you're going to be fine. I'm so glad you're okay, you had everybody worried.

Manny: The plague?


Reed: Got the phone number. Mystery number was eight.

Libby: [On the phone] Yeah, what about the key? Great, I knew it. Great work. Frank Garziak was a slum lord. He took food stamps from tenants who couldn't pay their rent. The tattoo was from 'Nam. And the key--

Reed: Prostitute in one of his buildings.

Libby: How did you know that?

Reed: Hey, the guy's going to take food stamps for rent, he'll probably take sex, right? Have they found her?

Libby: Yeah, early stages of bubonic plague. She's in the hospital.

Reed: Probably where his wallet is.

Libby: Yeah, they spent the last couple days together. The place was infested with lice and rats. Health board's already quarantined the place. Looks like LA is safe.

Reed: It all makes sense. Listen to this.

Phone: Naguste Rodent Extermination.

Reed: A rat infected a rat.


Bernstein: I could not be prouder of all of you. But of course, we'll continue on our inoculation schedule. But I think we made it.

Dudley: You still going skydiving?

Martha: Nope. I got through this. That's enough excitement for one life. But I am going to Hawaii.

Bernstein: Dudley. Why didn't you tell me about your father? Well, if you need more time off, just tell me.

Dudley: Okay. Thanks.

Manny: It is good to be alive. It is really good.

Dudley: Manny.

Manny: I love you, Dudley. I love all you guys.

Tiffany: It's 9:49.

Chan: Thank you Manny for giving me the flu.

Amy: Go home, get well so you can come back and complain some more.

Libby: There's going to be a lot of press outside.

Reed: Yup.

Libby: It's going to be a zoo.

Reed: I know a back way out of here.

Libby: Show me.

Group: Five, four, three, two, one! [They rip the hazmat tarp off the front doors]


Libby: Ah, I love LA smog.

Reed: Say hi to your girls for me.

Libby: Yeah. Hey, I had a dream about you last night.

Reed: Are you going to tell me?

Libby: You want me to tell you or show you?

[They kiss]

Libby: Remember, it was just a dream.