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Garden Party 2002

Thanks to debaser28 for finding this interview.

Garden Party 2002

Barry: Suzanne Westenhoeffer now joins us here at the Garden Party...with the cast of Oz.

SW: You have not aged a bit. I'm going to be on Oz. I'm going to be a guy.

Barrie: Are you going to drop the soap? Why don't you introduce yourself to our audience.

[Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, wardrobe: Lee has VERY short hair and is wearing a white suit with a light blue shirt. Chris is wearing a black button-down shirt with the top couple of buttons undone. He's also got sunglasses on top of his head.]

[Lee is sort of pretending to be flustered and goofing off, Chris is next to him an laughing pretty much the whole time. He seems to get that Lee is messing with the guy right away.]

Lee: I'm, uh, Lee......Tergesen.

Barrie: Whose wife is having her 40th birthday?

Lee: That's correct.

Barrie: What brings you to the garden party?

Lee: Uh, they asked me?

[Chris is cracking up at this point]

Lee: Tom Fontana who writes the show is getting an award--This is Chris Meloni [he reaches over to kind of grip Chris's forearm]

Barry: Chris Meloni, who we know from...One Hot Summer? One Wet Summer?

Chris: [laughing at him] Wet Hot American Summer.

[Scene of WHAS, the 'smear mud on my ass' scene.]

Lee: You know Dean Winters, right? [Dean has come up and gotten in between Chris and Lee.]

Barry: What brings you to the Garden Party?

Dean: My love--my love for this whole event.

Barry: We also know you from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Barry: How do you manage to carry two shows at the same time, or juggle two shows?

Chris: From the good grace and well planned out strategies from both shows.

Barry: Why is Oz such a big hit? [They show a clip of Ryan and Toby doing drugs.]

Lee: Uh...

Chris: It's a damn good show.

Barry: What did you say?

Chris: It's a damn good show.

Barry: It's very close to what prison life is like, right? You drop the soap, you kiss one another, whatever.

Dean: I hope I'm never in prison so I couldn't tell you if it's real or not, but I think--

Lee: [Fake offended] You know, we don't actually have to reduce ourselves to a ploy like dropping the soap. When we want to get it on, we just fuck and get it on, Barrie. [Shot of Toby licking Vern's boots]

Barry: Tom Fontana.

Tom: What?

Barry: Are you going to tell us why the guys are here?

Tom: We're supporting gay pride.

Barry: You're getting an award, right?

Tom: Yes, that's what they tell me, I'm--I think, yes.

Barry: Why do you think your show has such a big gay and lesbian audience.

Tom: I think because it tells the truth about a lot of different things. So, I think, the audience responds to the truth. Hopefully.

[Scene of Toby getting branded.]

Lee: Everybody has light and dark and it's about understanding--you know, if you watch the show, long enough you're going to understand why people are doing what they're doing, and a lot of people don't want to do that, they just want to shut down when they see something they don't like.

Barry: If we want to take you home with us tonight, we can not only rent Oz, right, and Special Victims Unit, from Law and Order, but what else?

Chris: Wet Hot American Summer.

['Be proud of who you are' scene]

Chris: I'm also in Runaway Bride.

[Scene from that]

Chris: And Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas.

[Clip of Chris as Sven.]