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MTV's Hot Zone

This one is really short, about a minute. Audio isn't good, but I think I got all of Chris's lines.

Woman: Chris Meloni hanging out with us. I love that you are a world traveler.

Chris: Yeah, I do a little traveling.

Woman: Little bit is not like-- You've been around the world twice.

Chris: Sure. Turkey, Bali, Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong.

Woman: Jeeze. See, that's because he gets hiatus. We don't get a hiatus. (Something) Favorite place so far in the world?

Chris: Bali.

Woman: Bali?

Chris: Yeah, very beautiful and the people are so wonderfully gentle.

Woman: I hear they're like, position is--(something).

Chris: It's (something) Indonesian, it's right in the--the archipel--lalago.

Woman: Archipelago? My aunt used to go there all the time....