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October 23, 2003
Brian Unger: Well, he’s dark and gritty, and usually he’s sniffing around a murder scene. Perfect casting for a sitcom guest star, right? Well, here’s Chris Meloni’s very funny crossover.

(On the set of SCRUBS, Chris attacks the camera with Mr. CookiePants.)

Voiceover: Guess who.

Chris as Dr. Norris: (Talking into a giant pretend phone) Hellooooo?

Voiceover: Yes, it’s Chris Meloni.

Chris as Det. Stabler: Police!

Voiceover: Also know as Detective Elliot Stabler on Law And Order: SVU.

Chris as Dr. Norris: My doll!

Voiceover: Pulling a comic surprise out of his box of acting tricks on this weeks episode of Scrubs.

Chris: It’s fun.

Voiceover: Extra got a sneak peek at the actor’s guest appearance during a visit to the set of the hit NBC series.

Chris as Dr. Norris: I’m Dr. Norris.

Voiceover: Where we found Chris playing an eccentric pediatrician with...

Chris: ...A penchant for talking through puppets.

Voiceover: It’s an odd habit TV’s doctor Cox and Ex Wife Jordan discover when they try to secure his services for their new baby boy.

Chris as Dr. Norris: For God’s sake, it’s an innocent doll!

John C. McGinley as Dr. Cox: No, David, it’s a collectable.

Voiceover: And regulars John C. McGinley and Christa Miller Lawrence agree Chris’s character truly is...

Carla (to Dr. Cox): The one Doctor on Earth who’s more obnoxious then you are.

John C. McGinley: Just an A-one pain in the ass.

Christa Miller Lawrence: He hates everybody and he’s a psycho.

Voiceover: In fact, Chris is apparently so good at being bad, there’s even talk of him returning to Scrubs.

McGinley: I bet he comes back. He’s just, you know, he’s spot on. He’s just crushing it.

Voiceover: And Chris says he’s up for it.

Chris: If they like the stuff that I’m laying down, yeah, it all works out, I’d love to be back.

Voiceover: As long as this dummy (Mr. CookiePants) says it’s okay, of course.

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